Thursday, February 28, 2013

calling me down

    Man, it's been awhile hasn't it?  Let's just say this right now, no numbers for this post, I'm really just putting some thoughts down on paper...ish.  That and i wanted to post a picture of a bear, because it's been so long...I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation and realizing that he's getting older.  But do bears have such thoughts?  I wonder...

    I have to a little reflection and admission, and that's that training-wise, 2012 sucked.  Yeah it was all my fault, i mean sure, i can grouse about how work got crazy and how my personal life went to hell for a few months and how because of all that i got fat and out of shape again, but regardless, I am in a state of my own creation.  That state being WAY overweight and needing to fix it pretty badly.  Me being me, it means another chance to experiment with training and diet.  Fun, fun.  This time though, I don't want to stop doing martial arts.  Ordinarily if I wanted to drop weight, i'd just do something like a V-Diet or RFL, but the issue with those is i get BORED.  Sure it's only for 6-8 weeks, but 2 months is a lot of training sessions (88, i think), and I already took a really big break from Kaju (during my aforementioned life suck storm).  So the trick now is how do i eat for fairly accelerated fat loss, but still keep doing all the training i want to do?

    Well, i'm glad you didn't ask that question, cuz it means i can just force my story on you and make you read because you're here.  So I'm starting with a modified carb backload, and by modified i mean i'm just not eating a metric ton of carbs every night, i mean seriously, i've read articles where people are talking about eating 3 pounds of potatoes and the like.  I'm sure that'd be awesome, but yeah, that's a bit much for where I'm trying to get.  I'll admit that i like not having to be terribly careful about food, i mean sure, if i were going out to dinner every night, i know it'd be easy to consume 6000 calories in one sitting, but I usually cook for myself (and sometimes Annie if i feel like torturing her), and as we all know, it's pretty tricky to get several thousand calories worth of rice, pasta, and or meat in one sitting if you're doing it from scratch...well, i suppose if you were to add some sauce or something like that...mmmmm sauce. But i digress...

    I notice also that my body seems to be able to handle martial arts training way better than weights anymore.  I'm totally the old broken guy now, training a few hours a day, then limping home so i can pop advil and bathe in aspercreme.  Oddly enough, i can still not sleep and make it through a few sessions of kickboxing and grappling (as today was evidence too) at a...mmm...let's say decent clip, but by no means totally burning it out, but that's mainly because i'm just trying to figure out baselines.  I certainly don't plan on taking it easy on myself just because i'm trying to keep my cortisol levels down, right?

    So i think the training matrix for the next while is going to be:


    It's a little odd for me because it's the first time in a while i've done...err...let's say non-lifting dominant training.  Taking a little advice from Jim Wendler and Dan John (because you know I'm tight with both of those guys, yeah we're like that...or something) and cutting lifting back to the two days so I can keep it in the rotation, but not get totally dominated by it.  I'd probably be crazy to try and do a bit of a cut without some sort of resistance exercise, I'm interested to see how well Wendler's proposed 5/3/1 for MMA template works out.  I guess we'll know soon, I have a Kajukenbo seminar at the end of April I'd like to be in shape for.  It's good to have goals, yeah?

...and of course, Today's TrainingTune: Decay - Sevendust