Wednesday, August 1, 2012

weapon drills

Stick  (get that stick... get it!)
1:  Stick comes in overhand: Xblock, right hand forward.  Bring down to left side of body, grab with the left hand.  Grab the stick and twist out of their grip with your right hand.  Come around their body, pivoting 180, and hit them in the face.  Pivot back 180, and hit them in the floating ribs.  Bring the stick around your grip, under their chin, place your right foot behind their leg, and then drive them down to the ground with the stick in their throat.

2:  Stick comes in overhand:  X-block, left hand forward, monkeygrab with right hand.  Bring down to left side.  Get the stick out of their hand with left hand.  In defensive knife grip, bring it across their face with a 180 pivot, and back again across their face with 180 pivot.  Side kick to leg or stomach.   Step backwards 360, and drive the stick into the pressure point just under their elbow, bring them to the ground.

3:  Stick comes in on the left side at a swing:  Block with left hand and punch simultaneously.  Continue that momentum to push the stick in a downward motion.  Get it behind their kneecaps, and if you can, pull their legs out from them while pushing your shoulder above the knees.

4:  Stick comes in on right side at a swing:  Block arm at shoulder and wrist.  Slide left hand (shoulder) to the hand and perform a wrist pattern onto your shoulder.  Put your forearm 2/3 of the way up the trapped arm, and squat.

5:  Stick comes in from left side:  Block, step in, palm heel strike under the chin and up- continue driving forward until they fall.  Get stick.

Baseball bat
1:  Batter up:  Before they complete the first swing, double block.  Step in and grab the bat with both hands. Hip check them as you do a 180, breaking the grip.  Take another 180 step, attack the kneecaps.

2:  Batter up:  They swing at you once and you miss.  The momentum carries it around their head.   Block their arm with right hand, trapping them from bringing it forward, and grab the bat with your left hand.  The bat is now behind their head trapped against their neck.  Walk backwards, crushing their neck between the bat and your shoulder.

3:  Batter up:  You block before they get the shot off with both arms.  Elbow them in the floating ribs, continue the turn and judo flip them.  (I think?  Unsure on this one.)

4:  They try to butt it into your stomach:  Step to the side and grab it, side kick them in the leg or stomach.

5:  They try to butt it into your stomach: Step to the side and grab as you do a front snap kick to their leading arm.  Jump kick to a side leg or stomach kick.

1: Gun is point blank your heart:  Step to the side and push/monkey grab their wrist with your left hand.  At the same time, lean over and gouge out their eyes with your right hand.  Slide your grip down their arm and when you get to their wrist, grab it, replacing the arms.  Do a 180, trapping their hand under your arm in a chicken wing.  Grab their wrist with your left hand and palm heel strike the gun out of their grip sideways with your right.  Follow through by hitting them in the temple with the butt of the gun.

2:  Gun is point blank your heart:  Step to the side and block/grab with your left hand at the wrist, stepping backwards, and trapping it under the left chicken wing.  Palm heel strike it out with your right hand, strike the temple.

3:  They are patting you down and pointing the gun at your legs:  Slap their wrist with your right hand, hit and grab the gun sideways with your left.  Kick them in the groin.

4:  Pat the gun out of your face with your right hand (this time your on their inside guard, for once)  Immediately wrap your left hand around their wrist, with your fingers facing outwards.  I forget what came after that.

5:  Pointed at your back:  Turn, knocking it away from your body with your right arm.  Continue the circle and chicken wing the arm with your left arm.  Palm heel strike it out.

Kajukenbo with Eddy

Eddy kicked ass!  That punk has 2 weeks of his internship left, and he finally decided to come to class with me.

Most guys come with a very full cup... they are the youtube masters.  Damn dawwwwwg, yeah I know this stuff, I grew up street fightin and shit.  I've seen so many attitudes quit after a week.

Eddy was quiet, observant, and focused on form.  He improved faster than a ton of other thistles that blow through.  When he first started kicking, he was fairly sloppy.  In ten or so minutes of practice, he got to this point, which would have really hurt without pads.  I'm very proud of him, sad to see him leaving, and excited to see what he does with his life.  Safe travels.