Sunday, August 25, 2013

Now back to our all new programming...

Alright, so I've been working on a slew of new content for Hard Coded and I'll talk more about all that once I get post zero done, but it's weird, I feel like I have to practice blogging again. How crazy is that? There are a few reasons for that, most of them deeply personal having to do with...well, stuff, so here's a small thought to get me warmed up:

    Like many folks who are doin whatever the f**k they wanna do, I've been on and off some for of Intermittent Fasting/reduced meal frequency thing, a bit. I started something LeanGains like around the summer of 2011 when I moved to SoCal, then hit it back up pretty hard January of 2012 when I moved back to the bay. Been on and off for the last year and a half, experimenting with different things and I've come to a really interesting realization. I can't guarantee that it's going to work for you, but you see, I've been wanting to do the DiPasquale-style Anabolic Diet for a while but I've never really been able to just pound down protein and fat the way I understand AD/MD wants you to. I mean sure, I'll be good for the first meal or so, but by the end of the day I'm like...maaaaan, i don't ever want to look at meat and fat again.

But yo seriously, right now, this looks about DELICIOUS...

    SO...I decided to break a cardinal rule of everything and combine some diets. Now I know, everyone's all, hey man, the guy who trains himself is an idiot (or whatever, i know there's some way more eloquent/poetic way to say it floating around the internets, I just don't want to go look for it right now), but look, I've been training seriously for a while now and I've been under coaches, trainers, nutritionists, etc (true story, I used to play Capoeira with Robb Wolf and he'd just drop nutritional biochem info bombs all the time, miss that dude), so I feel like I'm in a good place to experiment on myself and figure out what's good for me. I've been doing Anabolic Diet on an IF-ish meal timing and yeah man, it's just...good.

    It's funny because everything started the way it usually does when I've tried to follow AD/MD, for instance, yesterday I ate breakfast from Whole Foods, something like 4 or 5 egg white omelets, a container of bacon and sausage, etc, then for dinner I had some egg salad, a cheese tray (small one, snack size), a ton of carnitas, some olive oil, and yeah, sure enough, afterwards it was...maaaan, I don't ever want to look at meat and fat again. But Dude! It's only not even noon the next day and I'm thinkin...hmm...I could make myself some kind of wannabe locomoco like thing tonight, some hamburger patties, a few fried eggs, maybe make, well not proper gravy but like some sort of butter and beef stock reduction, hmm, with bacon instead of rice, maybe some grilled halloumi, you get the point. So yeah, so far, AD+IF...I'm diggin.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


I've been up to so much that I haven't posted.  Ballet, salsa, hot yoga, areal silks, and swordfighting!  Well, I went to Ren Faire this weekend with Sterling and Hannah, and ran into my sword school.

At the end I got a little too into finishing the technique.  >_>  I guess sloppy form and good take downs is what happens when you pause swordfighting to work on your Kaju more.  The pulling the sheath out of the ground part was kind of hilarious.