Saturday, March 31, 2012

Squats with a Side of Yoke

Today was by far the worst squat session in a long time. I fell forward. FORWARD. I don't mess up squatting, it's the thing I can do without thinking. I started thinking about it today and it sucked.

But then I stood up and walked 435# in a simulated Yoke walk "start," so it's all good.

A1. Squat

2 x 8 x 135#
5 x 185#
3 x 225#
2 x 275#
1 x 325# felt a bit hard
0 x 345# fell forward. I never do that. argh.
2 x 1 x 315# first one wasn't deep enough, I finally stopped thinking on the second one and did fine

Yeah. Not a great day, considering I was planning on 325/350/375 for singles.

B1. SSB 1/4 Squats

8 x 85#
5 x 175#
3 x 265#
2 x 315#

At this point Jess had the idea that I should try simulating starting a Yoke walk, so I shifted to that.

C1. Yoke Walk Simulated Starts


I walked about 3 feet max, from the back to the front of the rack. I think I had 500# in me, but I really need to do a full walk. I need a real yoke... anyone wanna send me one for free?

Overall, the session redeemed itself. I wanted to do more but it was coming on 2 hours and I was beat down. I'll do the rest tomorrow.



Seth and I double tested for our second degree yellow last night. It was intense, I vomited afterwards. (Something I haven't done in a REALLY long time.) I wanted to die, but I think we made an ok show of it.

The black belt test... holy crap. He wasn't even legit testing for black, it was his second degree brown. I was going to spend my whole post ranting about it, but then I read Seth's post about not ruining it for you guys. Screw it, plan A.

Poor Gerald, that living machine. He ran 5 miles, did 70 squats, 70 situps, 70 pushups, helped with every testing up to his test, and then performed admirably. I won't go into details because I'm running late for an event, but suffice it to say, it was brutal, and at one point, involved all the adults in the class literally beating him up. His face looked like it had been through a meat grinder, and I wince to imagine the rest of it. I wanted to protect him, and I was so simultaneously proud.

Ok, running way late- doing a morning class, and then a glassblowing seminar... something I have wanted to learn my -entire- -life-. Excellent. Goddamn, but I love learning.

PS... those hand bruises are gone, and it's the next day. Apparently my wolverine healing power extend to the less commonly injured extremities... now I'm curious if my face heals this quick.

i feel empty and deranged

        You know, so many martial arts allude to being useful, that is you think you're learning something that would get you through a fight until you actually have to try and use it against someone else who's trained, but any style where your test includes conditioning and drills is probably pretty serious.  By the time I actually got to the curriculum part of testing, I was already winded, probably from the 5 minutes of straight pad drills we did before the test really started.  And that's to say nothing of the black belt test, which...well...i won't spoil it for anyone, you'll just have to join a Kaju group and see for yourself.

        It's been a while since I wore new colors in any style, i keep saying it, but it's good to be back at the bottom again, it's good to be looking up the road and just being open to whatever comes next.  I think everyone needs a few opportunities like that every now and then, whether it's learning something new, moving somewhere new, etc...

"A person needs new experiences. They jar something deep inside, allowing you to grow. Without them, it sleeps- seldom to awaken. The sleeper must awaken."

C'mon...the path starts over here.

        You know, seeing all the advanced belts test and feeling that pull to actually stay with a style for a bit and really get good at it just hammers home how much I'm done being the job.  I'm tired of looking at my life in 2 year increments, but I wonder how realistic it is to NOT do that if I'm not working for myself at some point.  If i've learned anything about my skillset, it's that there's definitely an expiration date on it at just about any company i'm going to work for, and if not that, then my patience.  May I just need to suck it up for the greater good...Nah.  Might as well suck on a bullet at that point...God knows my life is stagnant enough in some respects as it is.

Today's TrainingTune: This Godless Endeavor - Nevermore

Friday, March 30, 2012

undying flame

         Today was hands down the hardest cycle i've been through at Tribull since I started.  Part of that I attribute to the absolutely shitty night I had last night, well, not shitty,  just not good sleep, and the fact that we sparred.  Man I haven't sparred in a long time, which was good because it makes me realize how much work I have to do before my fight.  Thankfully the fights got pushed back to May, so maybe I can get myself to a point where I don't totally embarrass myself on the mats.  Ah, who am I kidding, that's probably inevitable at this point, but nothing wrong with getting a good dose of humility...Like i did today in class.

        I learned probably the most horrible thing in the world you can do with a medicine ball that won't make you have to register as sex offender in most states.  Who the hell comes up with a thing called Medicine Ball Abdominal Burpees?  I mean, that has to be some kind of criminal insanity, but man...ok I'm whining, yeah they suck, but i feel like it's the sort of thing I should be doing at least every other day...

passedOut was the superman punches...always the superman punches...

        I need to watch many many videos of people boxing methinks.  This is a completely alien style to me that I have absolutely no actual fight time in, so yeah, i'm a little behind the curve.  Ok, alot behind the curve. Ok, you know what, I'm not even on the same street, there I said it.

  • A1. Jumprope: 2x3min
  • A2. Gymjog: 2x2min
  • A1. L superman punch, R round kick: x1min
  • B1. R superman punch, L round kick: x1min
  • C1. superman punch, round kick, flying knee: x1min
  • B1. Sparring, jabs: x1min
  • B2. Sparring, jab, cross: x1min
  • B3. Sparring, jab, cross, hook: x1min
  • B4. Sparring, freestyle: x1min
  • Freestyle: x2min
  • A1. Jumprope: 2x4min
  • A2. Shadow box: 2x1min
  • B1. Medball Ab Burpee: 4x1min
  • B2. Bag punch: 4x1min
  • B3. Bag kick: 4x1min
  • B4. Bench dip: 4x1min
  • B5. Landmine punches: 35 4x1min
Fun round:
Negative BW Squats on Medball
  • C1. 10 in 1min
  • C2. 20 in 1min
  • C3. 30 in 1min
  • C4. 30 in 1min
  • C5. 20 in 1min
  • C6. 10 in 1min
        Actually, i take it back, that negative squat pyramid was the worst thing ever.  Trying to climb the stairs to my loft tonight was just not happening.  I did horrible, horrible things to my legs today, but man, it's so fun.  Figured out some new jumprope tricks too, i think I have way too much fun jumping rope.  Ah well, what is training if not fun?  Yeah...good game guys.

Today's TrainingTune: My Obsession - Killswitch Engage

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the cast in this play

        Gah, my brain is in the worst place right now, so this isn't going to be very exciting.  No, i'm not going to rant about personal shit here, but yeah, there's a reason i'm not incredibly witty and pointed i ever am, right?

        Kajukenbo teaches us a few very important life lessons.  Guard up, never trust anyone, always be prepared.

        Oh fuck it.

Upright dancing fighting bears
Front Grab Defense 1, Go, GO!

Pre-testing B - Self Defense

  • A1. Jumprope: 2x4min
  • A2. Shadowbox: 2x1min
  • B1. Jab: 1x2min/30s rest, 1x1min
  • B2. Jab, Cross: 1x2min/30s rest, 1x1min
  • B3. Jab, Cross, Hook: 1x2min/30s rest, 1x1min
  • B4. Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross: 1x2min/30s rest, 1x1min
  • B5. Freestyle (jab, uppercut, shovelhook): 1x2min/30s rest, 1x1min
  • B6. Speed bag: 1x2min/30s rest, 1x1min
  • B7. Knees: 1x2min/30s rest, 1x1min
  • B8. Abs: 1x2min/30s rest, 1x1min
  • B9. Pushups: 1x2min/30s rest, 1x1min
Abs: 1x2min

        That's all i've got to say for now.  Ugh.  So stupid.  But apparently I did really well on my pre-tests!  Whatever.

Today's TrainingTune: Freedom By Mutilation - Carnal Forge

to hell with redemption

        It is officially Test Week!  Pre-testing Monday went ok, although i tripped up a tiny bit on kick combos.  Eh, what can I say, I was nervous!  Like i said, I haven't tested for a belt in many years, heck, I haven't really performed at all in years outside of work, so overall it's all kinds of a new/re-visited experience.  The prospect of advancement always makes me nervous too, it's always fun.

        That actually brings to mind a somewhat rant about martial arts and belts, although not the one you probably think.  See, i actually am of an opposite mind about belts, and that's that I fucking like getting new belts.  Now, i agree, it's not about the belt, but what it IS about is getting to learn new stuff.  Reality is, you don't get to learn new techniques and train with more experienced people if you don't get the belts.  That's what it's about, being able to increase your knowledge, and moreso, being in a position to pass it on.  And yeah yeah i know we've all had the douchebag black belt instructor who didn't know dick, whatever.  You're going to run into those people, so you should make it a priority to get up in the ranks so YOU can LESSEN the number of douchebag incompetent black belt instructors out there.  I could go on and on about this, but not tonight.  My brain is not in a good place.  Maybe that'll be my after test rant.

I'll just take a bit of this knowledge with me...

        Crosspit wasn't terribly murderous today, but I'll admit the stations weren't awful.  I haven't done floorwipers in a while, in fact, I haven't done anything with a straight bar in a while, and I gotta admit, pushing the bar up, even at 115 felt really foreign.  MUST.  GET.  BACK.  IN.  GYM.

Totally spacing on what we did at Kickboxing...

  • A1. Jumprope: 2x4min
  • A2. Shadowbox: 2x1min
  • B1. 24" Box jump: 3x1min
  • B2. Burpee: 3x1min
  • B3. Floorwiper: 115 3x1min
  • B4. Bag punch: 3x1min
  • B5. Bag kick: 3x1min
  • B6. Abs: 3x1min
Fun round:
  • C1. L head kick: x50
  • C2. R head kick: x50
        Some days flexibility isn't an issue, some days it is.  I'm finding i'm less good at kicking against pads because i don't adjust properly and kick from weird positions.  Need to get better about being quick on the moves.

Today's TrainingTune: Inspiration - Mushroomhead

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Serki... Er, Circus Lifting!

Been looking at a bunch of strongman comps this week, and noticed that the Circus Dumbbell Clean and Press is quite prevalent. So I figured I should try it out. Since we have no actual iron dumbbells, I just used our loadable one and added a Fat Gripz to it.

A1. Circus (2.25" grip) Dumbbell Clean & Press

8 x 10# (left and right hand)
4 x 30# (L & R)
2 x 50# (L & R, incorrectly labeled as 60# in the video)
1 x 70# (L & R)
1 x 80 (L & R, 2 handed clean)
1 x 85# (R only, missed on L. 2-handed clean)

These were hard... and I need to figure out if I can clean with 2 hands, as the heavier weights are difficult to keep a handle on with the thicker handle. If I need to clean with 1 hand, I'm in trouble...

B1. Swiss Bar Speed OH Press

8 x 85#
4 x 125#
5 x 2 x 175#

This part of the training session brought to you by the Geto Boys.

Lost my balance a few times on these. I think I need to work on some stability. Probably important for strongman...

C1. Farmer Holds

2 x 20s x 200# per hand

My grip suuuuuuucks.

Overall a good session. Had some tasty fish, asparagus and rice with an amazing salsa thing that Jess made afterwards. I foresee more eating tonight as well...


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Angry Bir... er, Deadlifting

Deadlifted today.

No, scratch that.

I sucked at deadlifting today.

A1. Deadlift

2 x 8 x 135#
5 x 225#
2 x 315# felt really easy. was excited for singles
1 x 365# this flew up
1 x 405# this also felt great
0 x 455# glued to the floor
0 x 425# also glued

So the plan was to do a few singles at 425#. However, the 405# felt so great that I let my eyes get bigger than my butt and I went for the PR at 455#. I couldn't budge it, so I dropped to 425#. That also wouldn't budge. I should have stuck with my plan.

I was so pissed that I did 3" deficit deadlifts.

B1. 3" Deficit Deadlift

12 x 315# (4, 2, 2, 2, 2)

The last set is not on video as the battery died. These all felt great. I will destroy that sticking point at the bottom and get my damn deadlift PR in a few weeks.


C1. 1-Arm Row

4 x 6 x 110#

C2. Plate Hold

3 x 30s x 45#

Deadlifts didn't go the way I wanted today and I had to skip the prowler at the end due to the Syracuse-Ohio State game starting. I guess I can't complain too much- maybe tomorrow I'll do a Farmer Walk/Prowler medley and freak out the neighbors :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yay, pole!

Score! I've finally broken that conditioning barrier... which usually happens at about month 3. That converts to being able to eat less for more work, I've moved up to 2 hours a day... usually Kaju and then kickboxing. I'm starting to get a bit of my muscle back, proved it with some pole tricks! :)

Lets see, number thingies... I guess I'll try to attempt them.

3 minutes of jump rope, single jumps, not skips
1 minute of shadow boxing
1 minute of leg shadow boxing (I kicked the shit out of some imaginary ninjas)
1 minute of leg/fist combo shadow boxing (I got beat up by imaginary ninjas. Awkward!)

*1-10 and then 10-1 jabs (that's one. One two. One two three, ect)
*same, with both arms (jab cross. [1] jab cross jab cross [2]) 1-10 and 10-1
*lead leg kicks 1-10 10-1
*switch, lead leg kicks 1-10 10-1
*sit up, jab cross the person holding your legs, go down, get punched in the stomach. Do this for 2 minutes.

Tonight, I do battle with imagined attackers. Tomorrow, I do battle for my intern. If only I could just make HR submit with an arm bar, this whole thing would be so much easier. FIGHT!

Post-GDC Training and Competition! Also Stones.

So I totally trained a few times before GDC and didn't track it here. Then I meant to deload during GDC. Instead of deload, I didn't train at all. Then I got back and concentrated on coaching my wife for the last week before the USAPL Missouri State/Ozark Championship meet this past weekend.

Before getting into tonight's training, my wife's numbers at the meet. I was her waterboy/kneewrapper/shirt tugger/baby powder wrangler/coach. She lifted geared except for the deadlift, which was raw:

Squat: 147.5kg/325lb
Bench: 100kg/221lb
Deadlift: 157.5kg/347lb (raw)

Total: 405kg/893lb

That total qualifies her for USAPL Women's Nationals in May, in Boise, ID. The goal was to qualify at this meet, so congrats to her!

Jessica pulling 347lb - Action Shot!

Now on to my training! All I did was play with my stone tonight. Jess wrapped my arms and timed me.

A1. Atlas Stone over 48" Bar (Timed)

8 x 175# stone in 1 minute (PR!)
7 x 175# stone in 1 minute

The 8 stones is a PR! Awesome. Video!

I wanted to do some grip work but man, my conditioning betrayed me. I think I had a dozen stones in a minute based on strength, but by about the 40 second mark on both runs I just ran out of gas. Good thing it's almost Prowler season...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


        Kicking the 100lb bag FUCKING SUCKED!  That was The Worst Thing Ever.  I should definitely do it more often, talk about toughening up the shins.  All in all, doubling up classes has been a really good idea.  I'm tempted to toss one more class in come summer, but we'll see.  Honestly, i think i'm doing good on fight training, i really need to get back to strength though.  One step at a time though, i think flexibility first.  While i'm not 100% sold on P90X, i gotta say the Yoga session is pretty beefy.  Probably gonna toss that into the weekly rotation.

        It's been years since i tested for a belt in any style and I gotta say i'm a little nervous.  You know, it's not so much about the belts, it's just wanting to perform well.  Honestly, i hold so many belts in so many styles at this point, they don't even matter anymore, but i always want to do well in the eyes of my instructors, especially the Sifus and Sibaks at Tribull.  They've been so good to us, taking extra time after class to hang out and show us new techniques or go over the lessons, I really feel like the best way to thank them is to do well at test.  So i will.

We'll do you proud, sir...

        As the days go by, I am learning to love the Airdyne.  My new goal: Level 10 for all 3 minutes.  Rock on.

  • A1. Jump rope: 2x4min
  • A2. Shadowbox: 2x1min
  • B1. MMA Combos: x1min
  • C1. MMA Combos: x1min
  • C2. Right leg kicks: x1min
  • D1. MMA Combos: x1min
  • D2. Right leg kicks: x1min
  • D3. Left leg kicks: x1min
  • E1. MMA Combos: x1min
  • E2. Right leg kicks: x1min
  • E3. Left leg kicks: x1min
  • E4. Freestyle: x1min
  • F1. Situps: x1min
  • F2. V-Up to toes: x1min
  • F3. Leg lifts: x1min
  • F4. Sit2Stands: x1min
  • A1. Jump rope: 2x3min
  • A2. Shadowbox: 2x1min
  • B1. Airdyne: 3x1min
  • B2. Plank: 3x1min
  • B3. Pushup: 3x1min
  • B4. Punch and Elbows: 3x1min
  • B5. Chinup: 3x1min
  • B6. Bag Kick: 3x1min
Pit Blackjack!
  • Odds - Rocking horse
  • Even - Bodyweight Squat
        Man, i don't think i can ever live in an apartment complex without a pool and a hot tub.  Instant contrast baths!  I will sleep well tonight, after eating a decent amount of food, including eggs, pasta, vegetables, and other tasty things.  Food, you are awesome...

Today's TrainingTune: Technologicque Park - Orbital

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shut up and squat!

so my lifts have slowly been improving, lifting heavier with better form, and feeling more and more capable. one of my goals has been to get up to a full pullup and im nearly there! ive been hitting plenty of PR's and loving every minute of it. ive started to hang out with some of the powerlifters at the mecca (our conversations mostly revolve around making fun of bad crossfit videos and making fun of the "pretty boy" bodybuilders). there's also a new foodtruck that sits outside the mecca every night and serves clean organic food. the kind of stuff i like to cook at home (plenty of green stuff, and a slab of meat). so i think overall my lifting life has started getting its stride in and im really enjoying the benefits! now on to the lifts...

finally hit 250 on deadlift (regular, not sumo). next up - 300. then 3 plates each side. LETS DO IT!!!!
shortly after that i did 240 x 5, no belt. so i think i can probably maxlift more now... we'll see.

been working a lot on form with squats, this means my squat days tend to look more like this:

  • front squat (5 sets, working up to 150)
  • box squat (5 sets, working up to about 150-170)
  • leg press (set of 20, rest 5 seconds, 15, rest 5 seconds, 10, rest)
  • leg curl
  • lunges (at least 100 each side) then jump lunges till exhaustion.
  • abs abs abs (inclined 45 degree) ugh.

and of course negative pullups, assisted pullups, and lat pulldowns every day.

also got up to about 130 on bench press (this has been increasing slower) and im playing around a bit with just how wide i like my grip.

also! ive been doing around 20-30 minutes of cardio after my lifting days, and a resistance/stamina strength class (thats what i call it anyways) right after that. basically one hour of nonstop lighter weights (around 20-75 pounds) hitting each muscle group. do this about 3 days a week after my normal lifting. and im loving it :)

shut up and squat!

this is my "one more rep" song.

Friday, March 16, 2012


        The simple things in life.  Cooking, eating, sleeping, and training.  I'm sure there's more to it here and there, but to be honest, that stuff's all details.  Oh sure, live, love, laugh, learn, and all that, but that's probably for people who are too lazy to take a punch.  Though I gotta admit, for someone like me it's probably dangerous, as I find myself thinking of ways to minimize my financial responsibilities so I can just not have a job and train full time.  In my little world, nothing's a pipe dream, which makes things even...scarier?

Fight? Where, where? Wait for me guys!!

        This is the first time i've trained on a friday for a while and man it feels good.  Talk about earning your weekend, i'm ready to just make some dinner, grab a scotch and veg out in Amalur for the rest of the evening.  Well, maybe not a scotch, i have to train again tomorrow and I'm going to try and hit some lifts.  I came up with that 555 workout a little while ago, designed around the amenities of the Intel gym and the fact that i wanted to get a good lift in 30 minutes so I'd have some time for bag work, wouldn't mind really putting that into practice next week.  Well then do it robot!

  • A1. Jump rope: 2x4min
  • A2. Shadow boxing: 2x1min
  • B1. Pushkick, MMA combo(called): 4min
  • B2. Pushkick, MMA combo(called), roundkick: 4min
  • B3. Pushkick, MMA combo(called, long range attack: 4min
  • C. Mixed heavy bag: 1min
  • D1. Burpee: 1min
  • D2. BW Squat: 1min
  • D3. Pushup: 1min
  • D4. Mixed heavy bag: 1min
        Man, today was the first time i really felt my traditional training start to impact my MMA negatively.  I snap my roundkicks back way too much, and I was definitely feeling it, trying to muscle into the pads too much.  That's what I like about Thai pads, they let you know right away if you're trying too hard.  There are so many different factors, my lack of flexibility, my loss of strength due to not weight training, etc, etc, but thankfully, these are all passing phases (god i don't miss the games industry, inside story).

Today's TrainingTune: Fistful of Fuck You - Faderhead

Thursday, March 15, 2012

copying, or ..... awesome!?!?!?

Well, not to be a copycat, but the ropes killed us both today. ... I'm ok with that.

It's been so long since I've posted anything... mainly because I'm not really about writing down numbers. The ones I care about, I remember. The ones I don't... whatever. Without visuals, I guess there's not much to talk about. That might just me a metaphor for my communication practices though. "You can't play pictionary!?!??!? YOU FOOL!!!"

up, sir

        It's funny, i keep saying to myself that I'm never going to take time off from training anymore for work, and of course, i take 2 weeks off AGAIN.  I have fights and test coming up, man, i need to get my priorities in line like no one's business.  Speaking of fights, looks like the fight got moved to May, so it's still on!  Car got stolen today, and my work laptop was in it, so that means i'm working from home for the next couple of weeks.  That's cool because now i can do daytime classes at Tribull...this makes me happy!  Really jonesin to get to some wrestling in, boxing too.  Man, i'm super digging boxing now that we're doing more of it, gotta say I knew i liked striking with my hands, but actually doing it is pretty sick.

        The thing i'm really loving about all the higher intensity training we're doing is the fact that i get to eat food. Seriously, doing the fasting in the day, I have no fear of consuming some quinoa or rice after doing some kickboxing and esp CrossPit.  I'm noticing the 60 second intervals are seeming shorter, maybe i'm getting in better shape?  Wellll...let's not get too hasty.

Battling rope AND AirDyne?! Oh no no no no

        Took some video today for the first time ever, that's kinda fun.  Must remember to take advantage of any opportunities we have in class to do that sorta thing, it's fun to chronicle if nothing else.  That and i'm just a vain sumbitch...

  • W1. Jump Rope: 3min
  • W2. Shadow Box: 1min
  • W3. Shadow Kick: 1min
  • W4. Shadow Mixed: 1min
  • W5. Jump Rope: 3min
  • A1.Right cross, Step out to left shovel
  • A2. Right cross, Step out to left shovel, Step around to right hook
  • A3. Jab, Left shovel, Right shovel
  • A4. A2+A3
  • B1. Alt knees: 1min
  • B2. Double knees: 1min
  • B3. Abs: 2min
  • A1. Jump rope: 2x3min
  • A2. Shadow box: 2x1min
  • B1. Airdyne >Level7: 3x1min
  • B2. Battling Rope: 3x1min
  • B3. Bag Punch: 3x1min
  • B4. Bag Kick: 3x1min
  • B5. Pushup: 3x1min
  • B6. Shrimp: 3x1min
  • Rope Challenge! Battling Rope for time

        It's really an amazing feeling getting back into training, even after just a short little time like two weeks.  Granted it's been a fucking brutal two weeks, physically, mentally, and emotionally, but you know, the training clears it all out and resets everything.  I feel almost normal again.  That's never bad.

Today's TrainingTune: Deep Rising - Space Cat

Friday, March 2, 2012

Back and the Saddle again...

HA! Now that's a bad word play if I ever saw one.  :P

Since I've been cracking 'reel time' for 12 hours a day for a week, that's about as whitey and as cheezy as it's gonna get in this post.

Missed the workout this morning as I was up til 4 trying to figure out why Maya wouldn't open after a crash...what a headache.  Lost a couple hours of work to a corrupted file also, but hey, I'm not talking to anyone who's never had that issue before right?  Werd.

That just means I have to combine 3 days plans into 2...easy peazy lemon squeezey.  

So onto Back and the Saddle -

Last day of February saw some back work:

Bent Over Dumbbell Rows
85 x 10  65 x 10  75 x 10
105 x 8  90 x 8  75 x 8 - finished this set pretty winded - who'd a thunk 24 reps would tucker a boy out?
115 x 8  95 x 8  75 x 8 - also winded but not as bad

Seated Wide Grip Rows - vertical grip on the T-Bar
135 x 10  105 x 10  75 x 10
150 x 8  120 x 8  90 x 8
165 x 8  135 x 8  105 x 8

Overhead Cross-downs
17.5 x 12  12.5 x 12  7.5 x 12
22.5 x 8  17.5 x 8  12.5 x 8
27.5 x 8  22.5 x 8  17.5 x 8

Followed by the Legs on the 1st of March:

Hip Sled (I much prefer to hit the rack or leg press but drop sets are really tough to do correctly without 2 spotters to pull weights)
170 x 15  130 x 15  90 x 15
230 x 15  190 x 15  150 x 15
350 x 15  310 x 12  270 x 12 - I wore the wrong shoes as my feet were cramping like crazy on this set

Leg Curls
135 x 15  105 x 15  75 x 15
175 x 12  145 x 12  115 x 12
205 x 10 175 x 10  145 x 10

Leg Extensions
145 x 15  115 x 15  85 x 15
190 x 12  160 x 12  130 x 12
220 x 10  190 x 8  160 x 8

I do love polishing off a hard workout with extensions as there nothing like the fiery burn of skin stretched to the breaking point by swollen quads!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh Hai!

I totally forgot to log my stuff here. oops.

Anyway, Thursday's usually an off day, but I felt shitty yesterday and had a poor day in the gym. Today I felt better, and wanted to get under the bar. Super glad I did. Got a PR and some extra widowmakers out of the deal

A. Stationary bike:
  • 1 mi, 2:30
B. Stretches, shoulder dislocations, etc.

C. Squats, Heavy
  • 5 x BW
  • 5 x BW
  • 5 x 45#
  • 5 x 45#
  • 5 x 95#
  • 5 x 135#
  • 5 x 185#
  • 5 x 225#
  • 5 x 275# //New PR, i've never squatted this much before
  • 5 x 275#
  • 5 x 275#
Squats, Volume
  • 20 x 135#
  • 15 x 145#
  • 15 x 145#
I felt like i was dying during those volume sets. Feeling great now though. Really don't have much to say other than <3 squats

Tonight's training tune brought to you by borderlands 2: