Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yay, pole!

Score! I've finally broken that conditioning barrier... which usually happens at about month 3. That converts to being able to eat less for more work, I've moved up to 2 hours a day... usually Kaju and then kickboxing. I'm starting to get a bit of my muscle back, proved it with some pole tricks! :)

Lets see, number thingies... I guess I'll try to attempt them.

3 minutes of jump rope, single jumps, not skips
1 minute of shadow boxing
1 minute of leg shadow boxing (I kicked the shit out of some imaginary ninjas)
1 minute of leg/fist combo shadow boxing (I got beat up by imaginary ninjas. Awkward!)

*1-10 and then 10-1 jabs (that's one. One two. One two three, ect)
*same, with both arms (jab cross. [1] jab cross jab cross [2]) 1-10 and 10-1
*lead leg kicks 1-10 10-1
*switch, lead leg kicks 1-10 10-1
*sit up, jab cross the person holding your legs, go down, get punched in the stomach. Do this for 2 minutes.

Tonight, I do battle with imagined attackers. Tomorrow, I do battle for my intern. If only I could just make HR submit with an arm bar, this whole thing would be so much easier. FIGHT!