Friday, March 16, 2012


        The simple things in life.  Cooking, eating, sleeping, and training.  I'm sure there's more to it here and there, but to be honest, that stuff's all details.  Oh sure, live, love, laugh, learn, and all that, but that's probably for people who are too lazy to take a punch.  Though I gotta admit, for someone like me it's probably dangerous, as I find myself thinking of ways to minimize my financial responsibilities so I can just not have a job and train full time.  In my little world, nothing's a pipe dream, which makes things even...scarier?

Fight? Where, where? Wait for me guys!!

        This is the first time i've trained on a friday for a while and man it feels good.  Talk about earning your weekend, i'm ready to just make some dinner, grab a scotch and veg out in Amalur for the rest of the evening.  Well, maybe not a scotch, i have to train again tomorrow and I'm going to try and hit some lifts.  I came up with that 555 workout a little while ago, designed around the amenities of the Intel gym and the fact that i wanted to get a good lift in 30 minutes so I'd have some time for bag work, wouldn't mind really putting that into practice next week.  Well then do it robot!

  • A1. Jump rope: 2x4min
  • A2. Shadow boxing: 2x1min
  • B1. Pushkick, MMA combo(called): 4min
  • B2. Pushkick, MMA combo(called), roundkick: 4min
  • B3. Pushkick, MMA combo(called, long range attack: 4min
  • C. Mixed heavy bag: 1min
  • D1. Burpee: 1min
  • D2. BW Squat: 1min
  • D3. Pushup: 1min
  • D4. Mixed heavy bag: 1min
        Man, today was the first time i really felt my traditional training start to impact my MMA negatively.  I snap my roundkicks back way too much, and I was definitely feeling it, trying to muscle into the pads too much.  That's what I like about Thai pads, they let you know right away if you're trying too hard.  There are so many different factors, my lack of flexibility, my loss of strength due to not weight training, etc, etc, but thankfully, these are all passing phases (god i don't miss the games industry, inside story).

Today's TrainingTune: Fistful of Fuck You - Faderhead