Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Post-GDC Training and Competition! Also Stones.

So I totally trained a few times before GDC and didn't track it here. Then I meant to deload during GDC. Instead of deload, I didn't train at all. Then I got back and concentrated on coaching my wife for the last week before the USAPL Missouri State/Ozark Championship meet this past weekend.

Before getting into tonight's training, my wife's numbers at the meet. I was her waterboy/kneewrapper/shirt tugger/baby powder wrangler/coach. She lifted geared except for the deadlift, which was raw:

Squat: 147.5kg/325lb
Bench: 100kg/221lb
Deadlift: 157.5kg/347lb (raw)

Total: 405kg/893lb

That total qualifies her for USAPL Women's Nationals in May, in Boise, ID. The goal was to qualify at this meet, so congrats to her!

Jessica pulling 347lb - Action Shot!

Now on to my training! All I did was play with my stone tonight. Jess wrapped my arms and timed me.

A1. Atlas Stone over 48" Bar (Timed)

8 x 175# stone in 1 minute (PR!)
7 x 175# stone in 1 minute

The 8 stones is a PR! Awesome. Video!

I wanted to do some grip work but man, my conditioning betrayed me. I think I had a dozen stones in a minute based on strength, but by about the 40 second mark on both runs I just ran out of gas. Good thing it's almost Prowler season...