Thursday, March 15, 2012

up, sir

        It's funny, i keep saying to myself that I'm never going to take time off from training anymore for work, and of course, i take 2 weeks off AGAIN.  I have fights and test coming up, man, i need to get my priorities in line like no one's business.  Speaking of fights, looks like the fight got moved to May, so it's still on!  Car got stolen today, and my work laptop was in it, so that means i'm working from home for the next couple of weeks.  That's cool because now i can do daytime classes at Tribull...this makes me happy!  Really jonesin to get to some wrestling in, boxing too.  Man, i'm super digging boxing now that we're doing more of it, gotta say I knew i liked striking with my hands, but actually doing it is pretty sick.

        The thing i'm really loving about all the higher intensity training we're doing is the fact that i get to eat food. Seriously, doing the fasting in the day, I have no fear of consuming some quinoa or rice after doing some kickboxing and esp CrossPit.  I'm noticing the 60 second intervals are seeming shorter, maybe i'm getting in better shape?  Wellll...let's not get too hasty.

Battling rope AND AirDyne?! Oh no no no no

        Took some video today for the first time ever, that's kinda fun.  Must remember to take advantage of any opportunities we have in class to do that sorta thing, it's fun to chronicle if nothing else.  That and i'm just a vain sumbitch...

  • W1. Jump Rope: 3min
  • W2. Shadow Box: 1min
  • W3. Shadow Kick: 1min
  • W4. Shadow Mixed: 1min
  • W5. Jump Rope: 3min
  • A1.Right cross, Step out to left shovel
  • A2. Right cross, Step out to left shovel, Step around to right hook
  • A3. Jab, Left shovel, Right shovel
  • A4. A2+A3
  • B1. Alt knees: 1min
  • B2. Double knees: 1min
  • B3. Abs: 2min
  • A1. Jump rope: 2x3min
  • A2. Shadow box: 2x1min
  • B1. Airdyne >Level7: 3x1min
  • B2. Battling Rope: 3x1min
  • B3. Bag Punch: 3x1min
  • B4. Bag Kick: 3x1min
  • B5. Pushup: 3x1min
  • B6. Shrimp: 3x1min
  • Rope Challenge! Battling Rope for time

        It's really an amazing feeling getting back into training, even after just a short little time like two weeks.  Granted it's been a fucking brutal two weeks, physically, mentally, and emotionally, but you know, the training clears it all out and resets everything.  I feel almost normal again.  That's never bad.

Today's TrainingTune: Deep Rising - Space Cat