Saturday, July 20, 2013

Second Degree Purple Belt Test (for Seth)

It's been SO long since I've posted, and I intend to remedy that.

 This last year has been a major shift away from the classic pole dancing training I used to do. Over the past 1.5-2 years I've been in San Jose, I've been training at Tribull, which I'm sure you've read about from Seth. It's a kajukenbo school, which focuses on a lot of MMA fight team training, and Gracie/10th Planet style brazilian Ju Jitsu.

I've been supplimenting on and off with lots of Hot Yoga with the Buchheit / Kennison family, mideavil swordfighting with Sterling, (mainly rapier and side sword), Ballet with Shannon, Poi (firedancing) and contact juggling with Matt, and running on my own (sometimes with Eddy).  Occassionally if I'm on vacation I'll go to a gym and just do traditional weights.

Each one of those things has helped to grow and inform the other.  I've been through so many different shifts in the fighting spectrum.  At first you enter a new hobby, and you get a lot of verbal confirmation that you're doing well.  After awhile that just fades off and you become quietly watched and accepted.  This is the first time I've ever stuck to a hobby long enough to get to that third stage, where you end up being a big sister/ teacher to younger people.  It's been pretty touching and amazing.

Last night was a belt testing.. I've been traveling so much I didn't feel comfortable in taking part... it just felt disrespectful.  I did hit the bags a bit at the beginning, however.  Been working on my hooks lately... 400 a day.

Punching the Bag

In the intermediate ranks of kajukenbo, we have a thing called bull ring.  It's simultaneously a way of practicing handling multiple attackers, and I suspect a way for the sifu's to judge our skill in a timely manner.  Here's Seth doing his weapons bull ring.

Weapon Bull-Ring

And I really like this video too- mainly because Seth reminds me of Kung Fu Panda everytime he does his flippy spinny things :)

Kung Fu Panda

As wonderful as it was to be able to watch and film my friends, it was really uncomfortable being an observer, instead of a participant.  I think my heart broke a little as I watched them all yell "tribull" without me being part of it.  I hope to never have a repeat, which means no more ditching class!