Monday, December 16, 2013

My Thoughts On The Desolation Of Smaug

Fun thought experiment for my Martial Artist/Fighter Friends:

    I was watching The Hobbit 2 yesterday (which I enjoyed, yep, I said it), and I got to thinking, if the races of Middle Earth had their own martial arts, which I figure they probably do, what would the be/be based in?  Here's what I came up with (this is just a few of the races represented in the movies, i'm not going to even try to hit up all 25+ including variants):

Dwarves: Definitely Sambo.  Those stout dwarven builds I think would give them quite a bit of leverage to work with and they're at just the right height to apply all those great sambo leg techniques.

Hobbits: Silat for sure.  Perfect height to strike upward into those soft, unprotected spots, very compact builds, great for moving around the body, and let's be honest, with feet like that, they can foot and ankle trap all damn day and not GAF.  Also, hobbits just seem perfectly suited to the karambit.

Elves: Kalaripayattu, given their penchant for flowing, continuous motion and longer range work.  Actually, I'd love to see one or more of the elves bust out a flexible sword in the next hobbit movie (or any movie involving elves)

Humans: Some combination of different classical western boxing styles, I'm thinking british and irish, with that Mexican boxer ferocity.

Orcs: Kajukenbo, but not just any Kajukenbo, we're talking Master Brother Abe Pilau Style.  Lots of super heavy upper body work, forearm strikes, and every hit breaks something.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Seth's Birthday Training Extravaganza!

    I know I'm totally late to this party but Arrow? Great show, i mean, GREAT FREAKIN SHOW.  It's exactly what I want a comic book TV show to be (minus Thea, god I hope she dies horribly, what an annoying, unnecessary character).  I do wish that Kelly Hu's character would quit with the karambits.  It's not just a cool looking knife, there's real technique that goes with it.  Ah well, I know, that's a total martial arts nerd/fanboyish thing, sue me.  And honestly, I'm totally ok with Kelly Hu getting tons of screen time, though truth be told, the world needs to see more Rinko Kikuchi, mmmm...Not sure what it is, but in the last couple months I've become really attracted to Asian women.  You know, in the last couple of months, my whole concept of what I find attractive in women has changed...well, changed is not an accurate term, let's say broadened?  Coincidentally, my definition of relationships has broadened quite a bit too, well, let's not say broadened, let's say I'm giving myself permission to be ok with the concepts of relationships I've had for a while and felt guilty about because..well, yeah.  Really, it's just that I'm all about options, but that's a post for another day and blog entirely.  Also...there are a lot of really in shape, hot dudes in Arrow, and the writers find a lot of excuses to show them shirtless.  Tasty.

Really? You WOULDN'T? Not even a little? ...

    Anyway, I've decided my birthday week 2014 is going to be a whirlwind tour of training, friends, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  Well, i mean if you replace drugs with craft beer and whiskey, rock and roll with industrial, and sex with...more training (tho if someone wants to give me a..."special birthday present", I'm open).  I will say if there's one thing I'm definitely ok with it, it's the idea that spending money on training and tools is something I'm not going to feel guilty about at all.  I've held for a long time that spending money on experiences outweighs spending money on things by a factor of...some very large number, but it's still a good idea to get the most bang for your buck.  Go airline miles, hotel points, and couch surfing!  So here we go...

  • Martin Wheeler Systema Seminar at Shugyo Center - First steps on my Systema journey, I've always really been interested in the concepts behind Systema but have just recently experienced good instruction.  The last time I took a Systema workshop was about 10 yrs ago and given perspective, the instruction wasn't great.  On a side note, the seminar is taking place in a city where a dear friend of mine lived and passed a little while ago.  Will be good to exchange energy, me thinks.
  • Mateo Kajukenbo - I went to a Kaju seminar in Portland, OR last month and got to train with one of Prof. Mateo's Sigungs.  Gotta say I was really impressed, so I'm hoping to be able to drop in on these guys.  From what I understand, they're changing locations, so hopefully they'll have one nailed down by January.
  • Worden Defense System/NSI - Been talking about Datu Worden since the Portland seminar too, can't say enough good things about working with him.  More than anyone I think he's really got the pulse of MPMA.  Can't find a class schedule for him, so might have to make some calls, but since I'm planning on attending Water and Steel 2014 anyway, may not be a big loss if nothing happens.
  • Kajukenbo-Ge Shou Dao - Another side effect of the Portland Kaju Seminar was that I got to see different groups from the Pacific Northwest (which was my main impetus for going to the seminar) and I was totally blown away.  Didn't get a chance to work with Prof. Davies, but I've gotten to work and speak with his Grandmaster, GM Jerry Scott, and he's a good man with lots of useful information.
  • Whittle Kajukenbo - A little on the fence about this one just because Spokane is like a 4 hour drive, but damn, Grandmaster Whittle was good and his students were awesome.  Good Kaju guys and just good people in general.  They have a Saturday morning class, but given what I'll be doing Friday night, I doubt I'll be getting up at 5AM Saturday morning.  This one's probably worth its own trip anyway, as GM Whittle also teaches Royal Hawaiian Lua, wouldn't mind having the time to take a few classes with him.
  • Systema WA - Highly recommended Systema instructor in Washington who's new to the area from what I understand, so why not drop in?'re making it harder and harder for me to stay away.
  • Capoeira Malês - Should set things right with Mestre probably so I can really get back to playing proper.  Been away from home too long.
  • ...and of course there will be some sort of weight training, I imagine I'll just hit up the 24 Hour Fitness at Northgate like I usually do just because they have tons of gear and heavy kettlebells, which doesn't suck.  At all.


    Once I get the specifics of which classes I'll be taking when, I'll be posting the full schedule here, so if anyone wants to join for any of this stuff, hit me up and we'll throw down.  Slightly ego-centric, I know, yes, I'm sure people are lining up to come train with me, but whatever, it's out there.  It'll be a good time either way.  Also, when did I get so old??

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