Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Serki... Er, Circus Lifting!

Been looking at a bunch of strongman comps this week, and noticed that the Circus Dumbbell Clean and Press is quite prevalent. So I figured I should try it out. Since we have no actual iron dumbbells, I just used our loadable one and added a Fat Gripz to it.

A1. Circus (2.25" grip) Dumbbell Clean & Press

8 x 10# (left and right hand)
4 x 30# (L & R)
2 x 50# (L & R, incorrectly labeled as 60# in the video)
1 x 70# (L & R)
1 x 80 (L & R, 2 handed clean)
1 x 85# (R only, missed on L. 2-handed clean)

These were hard... and I need to figure out if I can clean with 2 hands, as the heavier weights are difficult to keep a handle on with the thicker handle. If I need to clean with 1 hand, I'm in trouble...

B1. Swiss Bar Speed OH Press

8 x 85#
4 x 125#
5 x 2 x 175#

This part of the training session brought to you by the Geto Boys.

Lost my balance a few times on these. I think I need to work on some stability. Probably important for strongman...

C1. Farmer Holds

2 x 20s x 200# per hand

My grip suuuuuuucks.

Overall a good session. Had some tasty fish, asparagus and rice with an amazing salsa thing that Jess made afterwards. I foresee more eating tonight as well...