Monday, March 19, 2012

Shut up and squat!

so my lifts have slowly been improving, lifting heavier with better form, and feeling more and more capable. one of my goals has been to get up to a full pullup and im nearly there! ive been hitting plenty of PR's and loving every minute of it. ive started to hang out with some of the powerlifters at the mecca (our conversations mostly revolve around making fun of bad crossfit videos and making fun of the "pretty boy" bodybuilders). there's also a new foodtruck that sits outside the mecca every night and serves clean organic food. the kind of stuff i like to cook at home (plenty of green stuff, and a slab of meat). so i think overall my lifting life has started getting its stride in and im really enjoying the benefits! now on to the lifts...

finally hit 250 on deadlift (regular, not sumo). next up - 300. then 3 plates each side. LETS DO IT!!!!
shortly after that i did 240 x 5, no belt. so i think i can probably maxlift more now... we'll see.

been working a lot on form with squats, this means my squat days tend to look more like this:

  • front squat (5 sets, working up to 150)
  • box squat (5 sets, working up to about 150-170)
  • leg press (set of 20, rest 5 seconds, 15, rest 5 seconds, 10, rest)
  • leg curl
  • lunges (at least 100 each side) then jump lunges till exhaustion.
  • abs abs abs (inclined 45 degree) ugh.

and of course negative pullups, assisted pullups, and lat pulldowns every day.

also got up to about 130 on bench press (this has been increasing slower) and im playing around a bit with just how wide i like my grip.

also! ive been doing around 20-30 minutes of cardio after my lifting days, and a resistance/stamina strength class (thats what i call it anyways) right after that. basically one hour of nonstop lighter weights (around 20-75 pounds) hitting each muscle group. do this about 3 days a week after my normal lifting. and im loving it :)

shut up and squat!

this is my "one more rep" song.