Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kajukenbo with Eddy

Eddy kicked ass!  That punk has 2 weeks of his internship left, and he finally decided to come to class with me.

Most guys come with a very full cup... they are the youtube masters.  Damn dawwwwwg, yeah I know this stuff, I grew up street fightin and shit.  I've seen so many attitudes quit after a week.

Eddy was quiet, observant, and focused on form.  He improved faster than a ton of other thistles that blow through.  When he first started kicking, he was fairly sloppy.  In ten or so minutes of practice, he got to this point, which would have really hurt without pads.  I'm very proud of him, sad to see him leaving, and excited to see what he does with his life.  Safe travels.