Wednesday, July 18, 2012

take downs

Went over some take downs yesterday, and grappling today.  My knees are very bruised from the pre-workout... I got to carry a 175 lb guy all over the floor.  On the plus side, he was a bubbling fountain of teenage giddiness, which is hilariously awesome.


                      HIM                                                                                                     ME

... I appear to be a zombie.


Take Down 1:  Drop to knees, push your inner forearm bone just below opponent's kneecap, and grab their ankle with your outside arm.  Pull and push.

Take Down 2:  Drop to knees.  Mount shoulder under opponent's kneecap, monkeygrip behind their ankle.  Pull and push.

Take Down 3:  Almost 90 degree bend, ram their stomach with your shoulder.  Forward arm goes around the waist (if you're being gentile, not if you want to hurt them) rear arm grabs their leg (like you're doing the tango).  Sweep foot between their legs, and kick out behind them, driving them to the ground.  The harder you kick out, the harder they fall.

Take Down 3B:  After you get them into the tango position, pivot 180, and judo throw them over your hip.

Take Down 4:  Headbutt into their stomach area to get under the arm.  Loop both arms under their arms, monkey grab behind the back.   Pull while looking up so as to straighten their spine, and then wrap your outside leg around their legs and then backwards and through (like you're threading a needle).  Step backwards like you're kick-starting a motorcycle.  Drive to ground.

Take Down 5:  Shoot into their front leg, brace your head against their side while keeping your head up and your spine strait.  One hand around each knee, sweep their legs out from under them sideways, so that they fall into a good position for side mount.


Take down application:   Once you put them down (say from 3) you have their right leg under your arm.  Step your left leg in front of their right, and lay down backwards.  Put your fist into a triangle position, and drive your knuckles into the bottom of their calf muscle, halfway up their shin bone.  Trap their foot under your armpit, and lean backwards, putting the pressure on from in an ankle-bar.