Friday, July 13, 2012

been awhile

I feel like I haven't posted here in ages. The truth is, I've been keeping up with training just as much as always, I just don't usually have pretty pictures to post, so it doesn't ever seem worth it.

Well, in lieu of anything relevant, here's something awesome

Lately I've been trying to do kickboxing as everyday as I can, but going to kaju on monday and wednesday is the most important thing.  I kept missing on the days when they go over material, and I actually needed reminding last week... freaking embarrassing.  -_-;;;  Thought I would write down everything we went over, so that doesn't ever... happen... again.  I keep telling myself I'm going to make a comic book of the drills, but somehow I just end up studying instead.  Thanks, obsessive compulsive learning disorder.  Ok, it's not a disorder, I just like it too much.  Ok, I have a problem, I admit it.  Whatever.


Punch Combo 1:  (starts with opponent punch)  left hand blocks close to face, right hand hooks around to punch bicep while doing a front kick.  Push their caught arm into their chest, kick out their supporting front leg, punch to whatever area is vulnerable.

Punch Combo 2: (starts with opponent punch) right hand hooks around wrist, left forearm hits just under elbow.  Make sure arm is rotated so bone is on pressure point.  Step right foot back and pivot 180, controlling their body and driving them to the ground, putting pressure on the elbow.

Punch Combo 3: (starts with opponent punch)  left hand blocks close to face, right hand bicep punch, front kick (same beginning as combo 1).  Plant right leg, slide right arm grip to wrist, left hand grip to elbow, left leg low kick (kneecap/thigh/groin area) pivot and throw

Punch Combo 4: (starts with opponent punch)  same start as 2, right hand hooks around wrist, left forearm hits just below elbow at pressure point.  Left leg step into opponent, driving right hand hook through the body.  Use left hand grip to push arm down as you do a rolling backhand to the face.  Grab neck and right leg side kick to stomach, flip them to the ground in front of you.  If you've managed to keep a grip on their arm, you're now in a good position for an arm break.


Grapple 1:  (opponent rushes at legs) Half sprawl, hands together at wrist, palm facing head.  Catch, grab hair or ears, turn their head 180 and flip them to the side.

Grapple 2:  (opponent rushes at legs)  Half sprawl, hands catch opponent's shoulders.  Use momentum/weight to drive them to the ground.  Grab hair, shirt, watev, and beat them into the ground a few times.

Grapple 3:  (opponent grabs leg)  Reach around their head and either grab their nose, using that to pull their head up, or grab their hair and expose the neck that way.  Use the bone of your forearm  and the momentum of the hair/nose pull  to drive your forearm into  the exposed line of their jaw.  Flip towards the leg they are not grabbing.

Grapple 4:  (opponent rushes legs)  Catch their shoulders and do a half sprawl, then immediately drop all your weight onto the middle of their back as you drop your knees down next to their shoulders.  Drive your left arm under the chicken wing space under their right arm, and  pull it up.  Use your right arm to grab their wrist and pull it up into an arm bar behind their back.


Front Grab 1:  (opponent grabs your collar)  Push their elbows up while doing a groin front kick.  Monkey grab bottom of elbows and use your momentum to bring them forward, and off balance.  Left arm up, right arm down,  break grip by bringing right arm up and left arm down.  With right arm now up, chop their neck with your forearm.  Grab neck/shoulder, switch stance and kick out their right leg with your left, immediately place behind their right leg and flip over body.

Front Grab 2:  (opponent grabs your collar)  left arm grabs just under opponent's right wrist.  Right arm slaps/ pushes their face as a distraction as you come around and grab their right hand with your right in a full circle.   Wrist lock with right hand as you bring your  left foot backwards, and pivot 180, pulling them off balance... bring left forearm just below their elbow at the pressure point  and bring them down to the ground, dropping your weight into their ribcage with your knee.

Front Grab 3:  (opponent grabs your collar) Clap hands together above the grab, and step backwards with right leg, cramping their arms together and bringing them forward.  Wait for them to jerk backwards and then use that momentum to drive your fists into their face as you step forward into front stance.  Continue the motion in a circle; break their hold with a right handed inside block and with the same arm backfist into the jaw.  Continue motion with a left round kick, and a takedown.

Front Grab 4:  (opponent grabs your collar)  ... crap.... I can't remember all of this one.  It starts where you use your left arm to cross over the grip and grab just below their left wrist, and your right hand comes under their grip to grab the meat between the bicep and the humerus of their right arm (so they're crossed) and then you bring your weight down on your right arm while applying pressure under the bicep so they fold and then you  backhand them in the face with your left arm... but I can't remember what comes after that.  I'll come back and edit if I remember.

I'll skip one and two for the sake of time, three's the new one anyways.

Back Grab 3: (Opponent grabs your right shoulder with his/her left hand)  with left hand grab their hand, trapping them there.  Pivot slightly and hook your right hand around their forearm.  Take a step with your right hand and pivot, pulling them forward and off balance.  Bring your left hand around and closeline them in the throat in the opposite direction to their momentum, drive them to the ground.