Sunday, October 3, 2010

come with the cannons sparkin

  • Bench Press: 135x3, 155x3, 165x6
  • BB Shrug: 205 5x10
  • DB Row (Kroc Style): 65 5x10
  • Situp: 5x20
  • Dragon Flag: 5x15
  • Flat Bench Finger Curl/Rev Curl: 45/45 4x10
  • Lat Raise/Front Raise: 20/20 4x10
  • EZ Curl/EZ Reverse 80/70 4x9
  • Cable Curl/Rope Ext: 50/140
  • Cable Wrist Curl Pro/Sup: 60/60 4x10
  • DB Shrug/OH Shrug: 60/105 4x10
  • Hammer Curl/L3DBX: 30/30 4x10
  • Neutral Grip PD/OH Ext: 130/100 4x10
Yes I know, LOTS of pulling on a bench day, i told you, i screwed up my assistance scheduling. I aint too good at readin the interweb pages...even the ones i wrote myself. Weird.

Office Live or webapps or whatever it's called is f'ing sick for workout planning. Good job MS, do more good things like that.

Rowing...i needs to do it more. Like alot more. Also..."Ninjas,..Damn".

Ok, i got nothing to say tonight, i'm going to go eat tons of fat and protein. Hell to the yeah.