Sunday, March 13, 2011

knock the rust off

Back to capoeira after not doing any sort of training for a month. Man that felt good. Oddly enough, i haven't gained as much weight as i thought i did, which is weird, but then i haven't realy been eating that much either. Ah well...NOW i'm ready to hit the gym again. Yes...yes.

It's weird, it's not even a case of i just don't want to train anymore, etc, any of that, it's more like once i stop training it's a fight to figure out how to get back. I know, i know, in a perfect world you'd never stop training because everything is awesome and even when it's not, you make time to train because you love training and it's what gets you through, etc etc, and i'm not mocking that mindset at all, just pointing out that sometimes things aren't just so. I'm not bitching or passing the buck, more just illustrating, framing, that sorta thing.

So i need a goal. I mean something more focused than "Get strong as Fuck". That's just a given. I think i want to finesse "Get strong as Fuck" down to "Get powerful as Fuck", which is definitely more specific. It's kinda like a return to zero for me, i started weight training in high school as a supplement to sports, and before i got into powerlifting, i was weightlifting to supplement martial arts.

Yep, so that's that. Nothing important, just felt like i had to write words. So, WORDS.