Saturday, March 19, 2011

Old and creaky

I totally forgot to writeup my workout from Tuesday. Long story short, I benched well, did some massive push pressing, and once I was done with that, my neck/shoulder spasmed and I had to stop. I spent the week nursing that, and today I felt well enough to ME squat. It's a bit freaky- I've never had a spasm occur that close to a training session, let alone during one. They usually come at times of rest. I am pretty certain it's related to sitting in an office chair all day- if I sit in a baby squat, the pain virtually disappears and I have full mobility. I'm gonna make an appointment with the spine specialist on Monday.

A1. Mobility/Prehab

Leg Swings
Squat Pulls
Glute/Ham bridges
Step Unders
Band Scapular Contraction
External Shoulder Rotations
Neck Rotations

B1. Squat

8 x 135#
5 x 225#
1 x 275#
1 x 315#
0 x 345# I had this. I just dipped forward at my sticking point. Dumb.
1 x 325# This close to the meet i needed to at least get something up.

2 weeks out from the meet, not too bad for squatting. Even though I missed 345#, I am confident I'll get more than that at the meet.

C1. SSB Good Mornings

3 x 6 x 225# This was going to be 4 x 6, but I was pretty done at this point and didn't want to push anything with my shoulder/neck spasm.

D1. Walk Hyper Dog

Jess and I took Vino for a walk to cool down.

Overall a decent day. Not sure how I am going to structure this week yet for training. Gonna work on that tomorrow.