Monday, July 19, 2010

General we have the stock

  • Mobility and Elastic Band Work for Warmup (from Ultimate Warrior Workouts)
  • Knuckle Pushup 2x10
  • Diamond Pushup 2x10
  • Towel Neck Isos 3x5s Hi/Lo
  • Close Grip Bench 115 4x8
  • Supine Pulldown 120 3x8
  • DB Row 55 2x8
  • Bar Curl 65 3x10
  • Ab Crunch and Punch 3x12
  • Ab Medball Sit 10 3x10
  • Dragonflag Extensions 3x10
  • Elastic Band Work Redux
  • Mobility Drills (from Maximum Strength)
  • Barbell Complex 4x6
    • Bent Row
    • Stiff Deadlift
    • Deadlift
    • Hang Clean
    • Military Press
    • Squat
    • Good Morning
  • DB Farmer Walk 55
Modified version of some of the Ultimate Warrior Workouts, trying to be nice to my shoulder, altho it handled the pushups and rows MUCH better than last time i tried this. Made it through the complex and Farmer Walks pretty solidly too. I'm doing alright.

My oh's been (one week since, shutup) a while since I've been able to train, but now the stress of apartment hunt behind me as well as important decisions makes me happy. I know, i know i should train through all that pick an excuse, i'm getting old, i'm just lazy, whatever. Point is i'm training again. Need to take a week and get rid of the crunch or whatever pounds so i can fit back into my gi (embarrassing, yes, yes it is) but whatever. The elastic band and mobility work felt awesome, i really need to take more time and do that (i know this). I think not being so crunchy makes me feel less guilty about taking 90 minute lunches to get in good workouts. Given the nutty hours i worked last month, i'll take it as comp. That should buy me 90 minute lunches for the rest of my tenure here...