Friday, July 16, 2010

Triple Threat

Harsh day today.

Lifted weights yesterday and did some bonus nautical rope work at Charles' house. My shoulders are extremely sore. I was too busy yesterday to post what I did but it included 3 sets of shoulder press to failure.

Went to bed very late (for me) 11pm, woke up 4:55am for Triple Threat at Undisputed.

Triple Threat is supposed to be a class that kicks off the weekend and is probably my favorite because there is normally running and agility ladder.

Threat #1 - Jessica (everything with 2 5lb dumbbells) 0:30

  • Run to San Carlos Caltrain station
  • Stair loops at San Carlos Caltrain station x3
  • Run to 5 story parking garage on Laurel St. inbetween San Carlos Ave and Holly.
  • x3 Run parking garage, 1:00 jab cross at top
  • 1:00 jumping jacks
  • Run back to gym

Threat #2 - Brian 0:30

  • Brian's normal stuff includes: burnouts, 21s, punch/kick combinations, movement between bags, movement around a single bag, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, side steps, crossovers

Threat #3 - Mike B. (fresh off his appearance cornering Nonito Donaire on Showtime) 0:30

  • High knee ladder
  • Jumping jacks ladder
  • Side in-n-out ladder
  • Bounding on hurdles
  • High knee ladder combination to sideways hurdles
  • Rabbit hop ladder to big hop hurdles combination
  • Side to side ladder
  • Bonus Codecow show off move: Ali Shuffle on ladder

  • Push ups on ring
  • Step ups on ring (switch back and forth for 10 minutes)

  • 3 man crazy drill (rotate so you get 1:00 round of each exercise):
  • man #1 - Plank
  • man #2 - Push ups on shoulders of Man #1
  • man #3 - Hook legs on Man #1 and do sit ups
  • 2x2 man straight leg raises
  • 2x2 man sit ups

Note: Mike likes to say stuff like, "15 seconds left... WHAT YOU GUNNA DO WITH EM!" You gotta push it out and give 100% on all these exercises to get the maximum benefit. Everything is done for speed.