Monday, July 12, 2010

Boot Camp

W/Charles at Undisputed Boxing Gym

My own pre-class 15 min warmup consisting of some BJJ movements:
  • Shrimping
  • Hip escape #2
  • Back rolls (part of hip escape #6)
  • Dumpster run
  • Stretching


  • 5:00 jumping jacks for speed

3 sets of the following (no rest between movements, 3 seconds is allowed time or else dumpster penalty run)

  • 2:00 squats with kettlebells raised to shoulders, I used 2x16kg and 2x12kg when I got tired. Not supposed to come all the way up.
  • 1:00 squat with shoulder press
  • 1:00 jump rope for speed, on middle round replace with burpees

more weights

  • 1:00 push ups, chest has to hit floor, no droopy ass
  • 2:00 sit ups, all the way up
  • 1:00 sit ups, half way up
  • 1:00 leg raise
  • 0:30 flutter kicks
  • 2:00 curls using boxing ring to support calves but bent over slightly, raise to 3/4 lower to 1/4 i used 20lb dumbbells for this
  • 2:00 tricep dips on boxing ring


  • dumpster run
  • rabbit hop suicide (approx. 40yd and back)
  • parking lot suicides (incremental suicides running first to farthest parking line, 10 jumping jacks, sprint back, then go 1 line closer, etc... approximately 10 lines) no resting (other than jumping jacks)
  • dumpster run
  • round kicks each leg ~2:00 using pole for support
  • front kicks each leg ~2:00 using pole for support
  • stretching

post-class bonus

  • 1mi treadmill at 10:00 pace to try and flush lactic acid