Sunday, May 13, 2012

240lb Stones and Sore Biceps

Worked on stones yesterday. My goal was to get the 240# stone up and over the bar once:

Nailed it.

A1. Atlas Stones

3 x 135#, 16" over 50" bar
2 x 175#, 16" over 50" bar
1 x 240#, 18" over 50" bar

The stone hit so hard and I screamed so loud that a neighbor's dog freaked out and caused the neighbor to come make sure I was OK. Whoops... I need to buy crash pads for the stone, at least.

Today I am battling right bicep pain/overuse soreness. Ice, heat, Icy Hot and compression wrapping seems to help. I have a week to rest it. Probably won't train much this week, if anything it'll be warming up, mobility and recovery.