Tuesday, May 15, 2012

power lines

        Almost a full day of training today, ditched out on Crosspit just because I'm trying to pace myself a bit.  Well that and I'm elbows deep in implementing Jos Stam's Real-Time Fluid Dynamics For Games.  Anyone doing any sort of technical presentation (myself included), take note of this paper.  He explains every step in terms that anyone with even a basic math background can understand (as proven by me) and gives you the code in the process.  Man...i have been schooled in so many ways by this paper.  Here's hoping my implementation ends up doing the thing i need it to do.  Following in the good Dr. Stam's steps, I'll be putting as much of this project online as I can and hopefully be able to offer a simple, easy-to-follow explanation of anything special I end up doing.

Man, can you believe this river is all real-time? Thanks Jos Stam!

        Honestly, i do feel a bit jank about not training tonight, but the combination of fasting and ramping up on workouts has definitely caught up to me, so tonight, we code and eat protein.  I take solace in the fact that my work schedule has cleared up a bit and i'll be able to make good on this idea of regular training.
  • A1. DB Shoulder Press: 45 5x5
  • A2. DB Rev Curl: 20 5x5
  • B1. DB Lat Raise: 20 3x10
  • B2. DB Skull: 20 3x10
  • C1. Bent Flye: 15 2x15
  • C2. Rope Ext: 42.5 2x15
  • Press: 65x5/75x5/85x10
  • Incline Bench: 95 4x5/1x8
  • EZ French: 55 4x5/1x8
  • Pendlay Row: 115 4x5/1x8
  • Pushdown: 87.5 4x5/1x8
  • Lat Pull: 130 4x5/110 1x8
        Gah, not sure what else to say tonight, coding beckons...Tonight is definitely one of those nights where I can definitively say "Toniiiight! There Will BE...SLEEEEP!"  Oddly enough, i'm almost too tired to thaw chicken...I say almost, because I'm actually about to go do this thing right now.  Right now.
Today's TrainingTune: Nazca - Ivardensphere