Thursday, May 17, 2012

nothing, giving, unworthy offering

        There are some things in this world that I've pretty much given up on.  I'm not going to enumerate them here, if you want to know that, buy me several shots.

  • A1. DB Bench: 65 5x5
  • A2. Hammer Curl: 30 5x5
  • B1. DB Flye: 25 3x10
  • B2. Incline Curl: 25 3x10
  • C1. Close Grip Pushup: 2x15
  • C2. Std Concentration Curl: 20 2x15
  • Deadlift: 95x5/115x5/135x5/155x5/175x5/195x15
  • T-Bar Row: 105 4x5/1x8
  • Face Pull: 57.5x4x5/50x8
  • Uni Shoulder Press: 50x4x5/40x8
  • DB Row: 70 4x5/1x8
  • Clean: 105 5x5
        I told myself when i started this blog i wouldn't post song lyrics because it's easy and i wanted this to be my thoughts, but right now, this is all i've got.  I'm kinda emotionally drained, turned inside out, and hung out to dry right now.  We build ourselves cages from the bones of our naivete.

Today's TrainingTune: Swimmers Can Drown (Iris Mix) - i:scintilla

Swimmers Can Drown - i:scintilla
My timeline is a wire wrapped tight around my neck
Slowing apathy swells, give in to disconnect
Unworldly transmission fed to relive the shame
I don’t want a trial, I’ll take all the blame
A stone stolid council Speaks dogmatically
Bullets and antidotes divided evenly
A chilling consciousness wakes me from the trance
It redefines my mind I’ll never have a chance

Nothing, giving, unworthy offering
Losing, feeling like a bird with clipped wings
Sinking feeling, pushing down on me
Swimming, drowning, neurotoxic red sea

The blow shatters my remission
Fracture patterns show through the skin
Please understand this was not the plan
No, I gotta know
Does it matter where my heart has been
Fracture patterns show through my skin
Please understand this was not my plan
No, I gotta go

Weightless restraint floating away, evaporating
The impulse grows in clouds below, cascading
Dripping whisper, falling faster, raining