Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fight Training Day 2: Baby Steps

    Spent some time on the plane figuring out what my whole schedule is going to be, sorta fitting since this was hopefully my last major trip for a while so now I can sit back and focus on training.  Isnt' that sad?  I don't think 'yeah, now i'll be able to hunker down and focus on work,' instead I'm thinking 'Yeah! Training!'  Ah well, everyone has priorities, right?  I have to admit, i've been quite a bit more stressed than usual just because I've had so many presentations to put together, I could seriously just feel myself relaxing on the plane.  It's good, it's good.

Focus, Jack...

    I'll admit I'm committing a bit of a cardinal sin when it comes to training programming and that's that I'm making tweaks to a program before even trying it once, but I gotta say, I think i've been training in general long enough to have a good idea of how to manage nutrition.  I'm adding some Isopure shakes to my juice regimen so I can try and spend a few days in the gym, just enough to prime the muscles for some real growth when I hit the rebound.  Really excited about that, should be fun.  I have this idea that maybe I can cut down to below 185 and then build back up, but I think I'm going to leave my goal at 200-205 for now and see what happens.  Harkening back to the very first time I did a V-Diet and I lost like 35 pounds in 5 weeks...good memories.  So here we go...

    Age.  It's a funny thing, you know?  It's still weird for me to say '35', because I feel like I'm doing it wrong.  Age.  It really is just a number.  I'll admit sometimes I sit around and lament 'lost years', but usually just when I'm feeling really sorry for myself (which thankfully doesn't happen that often or in public).  Overall, I don't feel like whatever 35 should feel like, but then, I don't really know and I haven't taken a poll, so...whatever.  Back to doing what I do.

Training for 2013.04.14
  • Squat: (135x4)x2/(185x3)x3/225x5/(245x5)x2/255x5/165x12
  • A1. Bent Raise: 25 4x8
  • A2. Lateral Raise: 30x8/30x4/(30x5)x2
  • B1. Hammer Curl: 35 4x8
  • B2. Overhead Extension: (50x10)x2/50x6/42.5x11
  • C1. Cable Curl: 35x12/(35x15)x3
  • C2. V-Bar Pushdown: 50 4x15
  • D1. EZ Curl: 70 4x10
  • D2. Rope Extension: 50 4x10
  • E1. Uni DB Shoulder Press: 45x6
  • E2. DB Row: 80x8
Food Log for 2013.04.14
  • C4 Pre-workout mix
  • Juices