Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pre-Training Day 6: enter sandman

    It was sleep.  I mean, i figured it was, but yeah, took off from work a tiny bit early and had a bit of a nap.  I often wonder how productive I'd be if I split my day into a couple 3 or 4 hour blocks instead of one 6-10 hour block.  I wonder if ever a company will be forward thinking enough to give this sort of thing a shot...well, an American company anyway.  Are there government subsidies or tax incentives to keep employees working >40 hrs a week with only a few weeks of vacation?  Or is it just companies doing the minimum they feel like they have to given most people's expectations of job perks?  Even more incentive for me to get my own studio/design group/whatever off the ground.  I really think it'd go over pretty well.  Naps are good.  I may actually try my own experiment-ish wherein I go to work super early, like say 6, bail out at like 11, take a nap till...2, then work again till I go to class.  Might work at least on days I'm not morning know, when I get back to morning training.  For now, I think i'm just going to admit I bottomed out and stick to 4.5 days training with time off in between weekdays.  Now is the time for a level-headed approach.  There will be time and need for extremes soon.

No on tells bears they can't have a siesta every now and then...

  You know, this sorta thing makes me think back a great blog post called Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed, which you've probably already at least seen mentioned.  Going through another cut makes me think that beyond the great points outlined in the blog post, it's even more sinister.  The 80 (err, 40, sorry) hour workweek is just another construct to keep the population docile and otherwise non-threatening.  Subsidize fake, nutritionally void food and work a schedule that only enables enough physical activity to barely offset that fake, nutritionally void food you had for lunch (and breakfast and last night's dinner).  Oddly enough, I find myself thinking about all this more right now because I'm drafting up milestone schedules for my project, and I really hope I'm not setting our team up for this sort of schedule.  I'm trying not to, I don't think I am, and I'll redirect if I need to.  But now, going to try and sleep again.  Really looking forward to getting this all right.  This is also the last time I'm ever doing a major fat loss cut...Seriously.