Monday, April 15, 2013

Fight Training Day 3: Reality Check

    No, no, this isn't the post where i bare my soul and say that I'll never be a decent fighter and I'm no good, yadda yadda yadda (don't worry, that post is coming).  It's actually just a comment on the fights I went to this past weekend, which were awesome.  If this was anything to set the bar by, San Jose has a great amateur fight scene, though i suppose it helps when you have folks like Cung Le to promote fights.  Lots of really evenly matched fighters and a good card overall.  Great to see what I might be up against in a few years if I make to amateur fights.  That's good because I noticed alot of the fighters didn't seem to have great conditioning, so if I start focusing on that now, man, in 2 years I'll bet I could have some wicked conditioning.  Might have to pick up a strongman conditioning program...

    It's also a comment on the realization that I'm not actually training for fights right now.  I'm training to get in shape to start training for fights, so technically I guess I can't say fight training.  Dunno man, I train at such a great gym with great coaches and great fighters, so it makes you just want to be part of it all, you know?  And i miss competing.  It's been a long time since I've been to a martial arts event, be it tournament, batizado, or whatever, but yeah...I need to get back to it.  You can do whatever you want in the gym, but your numbers, technique, whatever, don't matter until you step in the cage, on the platform, on the mats, where it counts.  I gotta do this thing.

Aritra's on our fight team. Yeah, if i'm going to fight, i have to be serious.

    Not making excuses, but given my low calorie state, I can't really do much extended sparring, in fact, it's tricky just to get through technique now, which is also making me realize that I'm not actually fight training right now.  Can't be training for a fight if you're not practicing fighting, yeah?  Guh, oh well, walk before you can run and all that jazz.  If i DON'T cut down, I won't ever be fighting anyway, so...I am where I am because of my own decisions.  Shouldn't have let myself get all fat again.

Training for 2013.04.15
  • Kajukenbo: Test prep - punches, punch combos, and kicking sets
  • Kickboxing: "Aritra knockout combos" - ones and twos
  • MMA: Jiu-jitsu - working from half guard, taking the back, and into triangle
Food Log for 2013.04.15
  • 2 scoops Isopure
  • 2 scoops Isopure
  • Superfood Remix - slightly modified cuz i had to get rid of some juices
  • 10g Creatine
  • 10g BCAA
  • 10g Leucine
  • Total Calories: ~1100
    Really should've taken my C4 before class, I was crashing out and cramping up bueno.