Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fight Training Day 4: Excuses, excuses...

    I feel kinda stupid logging today since I didn't actually, well, train.  They say recovery is part of training, but that's a shitty excuse for missing a day of class.  I dunno, i have tons of excuses right now, none of them good, you know, i have a Kaju test and seminar back-to-back in a week and a half, I need to allow myself to acclimate to the lower calories, blah blah blah, it's all bullshit, I'm just lazy.  Eh alright tho, I told myself when I started blogging my fight training i wasn't going to write posts like this where I beat myself up over stuff.  Decision made, stand on it and make a better decision next time.

...gotta go through it next time. i get one day off, and today was it.

    Whining and feeling sorry for myself aside, I am actually really excited for the Kaju Seminar and I don't want to compromise my performance.  I suppose I could just, um, EAT FOOD the night before, but I think I want to see if I can stay on schedule and hold off till Sunday.  There's this mongolian bbq place...with awesome fried chicken.  That sounds like a good refeed.  Alright, 12 days, and I need to hit...15 of 20 potential...no, wait, 10 percent, so...18 of 20 potential training sessions between now and then.  Deal.