Monday, June 21, 2010

Finally back to it

It's been weeks since I've trained at all. Excuses kept popping up, mostly due to getting the house ready to sell, but now that it's on the market, time to get back to it. I left the next 2-3 weeks of training up to my wife, since I was too lazy to come up with a program. She kicked my ass with what she wrote. Here's Day 1:

A1. Deadlift

Did these Sumo.

10 x 3 x 315#, 1 min rest. Had to switch to conventional on the last one as I ran out of gas and started skipping rep 3 on the last few.

B1. BB Row

10 x 3 x 155#, 1 min rest. Probably too easy... but tiring on the lower back after the DL.

C1. Overhead Press

10 x 3 - 135#, 1 min rest. These devolved into push-presses the further along I went.

D1. Smith Machine Tricep extenstions

6 x 5 x bw

D2. Bent Press

6 x 5 x 45# per arm

Next session is strongman fun that I get to design. MUAHAHAHA.