Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strongman Day!

Today, I got to plan the workout. We (Jessica and I) were a bit worried that it would have to be an indoor SM day, which would have meant a lot of grip work, which would have sucked after deadlifting yesterday. But, the weather broke and we got to go outside and play.

Tire Thwackin'

4 x 20 x 8# sledgehammer. Rest when the other person goes.

Crucifix Hold

4 x 25#/hand (32s, 37s, 42s, 30s). Weight was suspended on chains, and we held it by the chains. Rest when the other person goes.

Prowler Push/Pull (90# on the Prowler)

This started as a push/pull but ended up being a push low/push high. Rest when the other person goes.

push low 20yd, pull 20yd
2 x push low 20yd, push high 20yd

I was done after this. I think I'd have gotten 4 if I hadn't pulled the first one back, but the whole workout felt pretty good...