Monday, June 21, 2010

It's family fun time...

Lunch 5/3/1
  • Squat: 225x3/255x3/285x5
  • Situp: 5x25 Lo-Incline
  • Lunge: 5x10/Side
  • Back Raise: 5x20
Feeling slightly less paranoid about getting back into heavier lifting, heavier being relative, but yeah, getting back up over 300 doesn't worry me, how's that? Bodyweight assistance work is definitely an awesome beast, it just has a different effect on you overall. I actually don't miss dumbbell assistance work, at least i say that now. I doubt i'll ever go insane with it like p90x/crossfit/gym jones style, but that's alright. I'd rather be able to train as much as i need to rather than blow it all out on one workout just to say i trained hard. Sadly i'm too old to do that shit anymore. Better with age.