Thursday, September 23, 2010

operation apex predator

  • Deadlift: 155x5, 175x5, 205x8
  • Barbel Shrug: 205 5x10
  • DB Row: 55 5x10
  • Situp: 5x15
  • Dragon Flag: 5x15
  • EZ Bar Wrist Curl Pro/Sup: 30/30 4x10
  • Lat Raise/Fr Raise 15/15 4x10
Three things i realized today:

1) Salt is awesome. Redmond Real Salt is freakin wicked. I understand what the princess meant by I love you as much as salt. Seriously, TJ 96/4 Beef Patties are not the same without it.

2) While i've enjoyed the week away from cardio (not really), man i'll be glad to get back to it. I'm actually looking forward to some morning fasted cardio, a nice 45 minute jaunt around downtown Redmond. Maybe weighted, maybe not, but probably so. Yeah...walking...f yeah.

3) I've been chewing my food alot more recently, thanks to this article on TMuscle and it's crazy how it prolongs your meal...obvious i know, but i'm used to inhaling my food. This is almost a workout in itself. Not sure how i feel about this phenomenon, as it sorta goes against the whole me hating food and now i'm keeping it around longer. Ok that's just weird.

I'm not sure if it's a problem that i was motivating myself through my dragon flags this afternoon by imagining even harder variations and thinking to myself "Well, at least it's not THAT hard". Sorta weird when i think the main reason for wanting to lose weight is so i can do pullups again. No seriously, i love pullups and dips, i know that's bizarre, but what can i say? If you know me, you know this is not the most bizarre thing i've ever said.

Sweet potato fries...i thought i'd mention em.

I think i've found the optimal calorie level to still lose weight, be able to gain strength, and sleep. I'll know more by mid october I guess...

Blah, going to read stuff and sleep some. Yeah, reading!