Sunday, September 26, 2010

white cats in the snow

  • Bench Press: 125x5, 135x5, 155x8
  • Diamond Push: 5x10
  • DB Press: 35 5x10
  • Band Face Pull: 5x20
  • Pushup: 5x15
  • Hammer Curl/DB Extension: 25/25 4x10
  • Neutral Grip Pulldown/OH Cable Extension: 140/80 4x10
  • EZ Curl/EZ Reverse: 75/65 4x10
  • Cable Curl/Rope Extension: 70/140 4x10
  • Band Overhead Curl/Band Overhead Press: 4x20
  • Cable Wrist Pro/Sup: 40/40 4x10
  • DB Shrug/OH Shrug: 55/95 4x10
So i'm becoming more and more a fan of fasting, even if it's just once a week. Maybe once i've gotten really, really lean (i mean like REALLY lean), I may think differently about it, but i suppose that all depends on how i end up eating once i 've gotten really, really lean (i mean like REALLY lean). I may just like it because it gives me a somewhat legitimate excuse to not eat food, which is always a plus, yeah, yeah i know, OMG MUST EAT 6 TIMES A DAY OR YOULL START DIGESTING YOUR MUSCLES THEN YOUR ORGANS AND YOULL HAVE NOTHING LEFT BUT FAT AND YOUR METABOLISM WILL BE SO LOW ALL YOU CAN DO IS SLEEP!!!!...whatever.

Alright this is going to sound weird, but i think i'm actually afraid of low intensity cardio. Let me contextualize that a bit. By low intensity cardio, I mean fasted 45 minute fast walk with no weights. Now, i've usually defined low intensity cardio as 90+ minute fast walk with at least 5 lbs on each ankle. But, then i've never done true fasted cardio, so maybe that's the missing key? I dunno, i mean for this next phase I'm doing all sorts of things differently (low-fat, hi carb, GASP!!), so maybe another change is good. That and i guess it gives me another excuse to fast, hehe. Seriously, i hate food.

No really, i hate food. I think that's why i like cooking so much, it's this whole self-loathing kinda ehhh...ok, i'm no good at being emo. Dammit.