Wednesday, September 29, 2010

such is the fate of

  • EZ Bar Curl\Reverse: 75\65 4x10
  • Cable Curl\Rope Extension: 70\140 4x10
  • Band Overhead Curl\Tri Push: 4x20
  • Cable Wrist Curl Pro\Sup: 50\50 4x10
  • DB Shrug\Overhead Shrug: 60\105 4x10
  • Band Swimmer Pull\Y Flye: 4x20
Body, or maybe just tastebuds are starting to revolt against liquid foods, which is probably a good thing. I suppose while today's modern packaged conveniences make it easy to count calories, it's probably still not a good idea to eat insane amounts of certain types of packaged foods, but then how else are you going to buy yogurt and cottage cheese? I know, it's a good question, isn't it?

Gotta say i'm diggin the whole carb-based full look you get after doing heavy high rep stuff. Upper body's lookin...well, better than it was a little while ago. This is the sort of thing that chases away carb phobia for sure. And yes, part of the reason i train is to look good, so stuff it.

Now then, off to consume a low-fat hi-carb lunch...Hellz yeah.