Wednesday, May 5, 2010


  • BB Row :135 5x10
  • Cable Tri Pushdown: 150x10/170x10/200x10/180x10/180x10
  • EZ Bar Cheat Curls: 75x10/95x10/95x10/95x10/95x10
  • DB Press: 45 5x10
  • DB Bent Y-Flye: 25 5x10
Upper body day, the refuge of the weak and lazy. I'm not sure what it was, i think it was just a combo of the squats and the specific drills from BJJ from tuesday, but man i was blitzed today. Knew i wasn't going to make it through Kyokushin, but i had to do something today. There's also definitely something different about lifting at lunch then doing martial arts vs doing martial arts then lifting right after. It did get me thinking though, I may be able to move my upper body supplemental work to PMs after training and do 5/3/1's at lunch. This could work. This could work.

Also, Gatorade G Recover (o3 or whatever it is)? Not so much, stick with Surge. It reminds of really bad Isopure or something like that...nasty.