Sunday, May 2, 2010

Strongman Sunday Funday!

Today, I did some Strongman GPP with a friend from work, Marcus, who wanted to play with ze toys, pictured here:

It was a fun time. He actually outlasted me, which is a testament to both his cardiovascular health and my lack thereof...

A1. Tire load and Sledgehammer thwackin' medley

Loaded 40lb bag (man I needed to add weight to this) onto tire (About48"), take it off, 10 times
Hit tire on the side with right swing, 10 times
Hit tire on the side with left swing, 10 times

Did this twice.

B1. Tire flip

20 yards, 300# tire. Rested while the other guy went.

Did this 4 times.

C1. Farmer Walk

40 yards w/turn, 125#/hand. Probably should have had more on there, but didn't know what Marcus would be able to handle. He was fine. I noticed my left hand grip is a lot weaker than my right, likely from the left wrist fracture and tendon tear not being fully healed...

Did this 4 times.

D1. Prowler Finishers

Hoo boy. Started out with 25# per side for 50# total. Ran it down on the low horizontal handle 25 yards, walked it back on the high vertical handles 25 yards. I made 4, Marcus made 6, I went again after his 6th and decided it was too light, so I threw 50# more on (25# each side) and we went 2 or 3 more times running down and back with the low horizontal handles. I was done 1 rep before him ( I actually died on the run back of my last one and didn't make it).

I am out of shape. And Marcus is stronger than he thinks...