Tuesday, May 4, 2010

EARN your deload week, punk!

Lunch (5/3/1)
  • Squat: 255x5/285x3/325x8
  • Good Morning: 175 5x10
  • KB Madness:
    • 2H Swing 20x24kg
    • Clean 10x20kg (per side)
    • Press 15x20kg (per side)
    • Snatch 10x20kg (per side)
    • H2H Swing 20x20kg
Ahhh gimme a break i'm just getting back into kettlebell work, seriously. Preparing for July's (or i guess mid-June's) cut by starting to ramp up the metabolic work a bit more so hopefully when i drop my intake by about 1000 calories i can just shoot over and drop some pounds quickly. I really think you could do a 5/3/1 style for fat loss but truth be told i think the 5x5 is my choice. Worked great last time and the only time i fell off was when i tried doing lactic acid style training more. Stay on track for 6 weeks, take some re-feeds, and see how much we can drop clean. Should be exciting.