Monday, May 3, 2010

The man whose triceps exploded

  • Military Press: 115x5/125x3/145x3
  • Cable TriX: 120x15/120x15/120x15/110x15/100x20
  • Kneeling NGP: 200x20/200x20/200x20/200x15/200x12
  • Incline Press: 165 3x10
Look dude, you seriously need to find a better place to wait for your girlfriend to finish...whatever the hell she called that...than the incline bench.

For real, total weird testosterone moment in the gym today, i mean i go to train hard, and if people notice, that's the way it goes...wasn't my fault his chickie was impressed. Whatever, i still got all my training in. Is that a sign I'm getting old? I mean you'd think i would've been all excited that dude was trying to intimidate me but really i was just annoyed because i was trying to finish my set. I miss being young and feeling like i had to impress everyone...Except not really.