Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weak Bench

Lunch (5/3/1)
  • Bench Press: 165x3/185x3/205x9
  • Incline Press: 155 5x10
  • Cable Overhead TriX: 120x10/120x10/120x10/110x10/110x10
  • Kettlebell Complex 20kg
    • 5xL Swing
    • 5xR Swing
    • 5xH2H Swing
    • 5xR Clean
    • 5xL Clean
    • 5xR Press
    • 5xL Press
  • Kettlebell Complex 20kg
    • 10x2H Swing
    • 5xR Clean and Press
    • 5xL Clean and Press
    • 5xR Snatch
    • 5xL Snatch
Didn't know Proclub had kettlebells...still not going train there on a regular basis, although i notice there's no lunch crowd, which is nice. Weird, LunchBJJ is packed, but LunchGym isn't. Ah well...Maybe it's cuz rolling builds up a good appetite?