Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday monday...

  • Delt Triset: DB25 5x5
    • Lateral Raise
    • Front Raise
    • Press
  • Reverse EZ Bar Curl: 75 3x5/2x8
  • Wrist Superset: SB25 5x10
    • Pronated Curl
    • Supinated Curl
  • SGB: 45 2x5

Took it easy on the SGBs, my metabolism isn't used to being jacked up like that, it's been a while. I imagine by next week i'll be able to hit all 3 sets and then start loading. Still trying to find that hypertrophy sweet spot, not sure 5 reps is it. In the past, i did really well with 8, may have to get back to that sort of thing.

Two weeks is a long damn time to be off the training floor for no good reason. Money sucks, not having calories sucks. That said, being back is awesome. I'm tweaking the program a little bit, going to work up to crazy 8 a day (or whatever) workouts (ok, not 8, but you get the idea) sloooowly. Main focus is being able to hit all my fight classes, i'm severely behind in those. Professor is probably wonder why i just dropped off the face of the earth again, and rightly so. Not going to toss out the work excuse, but i really need to figure stuff out. Need to start chokin bitches out. And i want to start breaking shit.

  • Kyokushin
Those Kyokushin guys are more fun than a barrel of monkeys...well, monkeys with rotary hammers that like to apply them to your sternum. Damn I wish i'd started training this sooner. Between this and BJJ I may just start bar fighting for fun in a few years...nah i kid, i'm a fighter not a...fighter? Ok sure.

PM2 (5/3/1)
  • Military Press: 95x5/115x5/125x8
  • Cable Overhead Tri-X: 110x10/120x10/120x10/110x10/100x10
  • Kneeling Neutral Pulldown: 200x15/200x15/200x12/200x10+10s hold/200x10+20s hold
Yeah it feels good to be back in the gym, on the mats, you know just training again. Work be damned, i need to stop taking training breaks due to work, that's just lame. Also it makes me a pain to be around I'm sure. Ah well, all good. We all make mistakes.

I'd better have some monster bruises tomorrow.