Monday, April 26, 2010

Guillotine for the win!

Seriously, when i say i need to be asleep by 10, i mean it.

Damn portfolio review...i AM going to the lunchtime BJJ class wednesday by hook or by murder.

  • Kyokushin - Self Defense
I gotta say, between BJJ and Kyokushin i'm pretty much learning everything i want to learn from martial arts. Striking, grappling, and self defense. Need to work back up to a little more conditioning during my gym sessions, not that i'm ever going to be a fighter or anything, but it'd be nice to make sure I'm still burning fat. I'd really like to finish the year off around 205.

PM2 (5/3/1)
  • Military Press: 105x3/125x3/135x5
  • Hang Clean and Press: 135x8
  • Cable OH TriX: 110x10/120x10/120x10/110x10/110x10
  • Kneeling NG Pulldown: 200 5x15
I'm definitely digging this 5/3/1 suck training type thing. Ok, it's not really suck training since i usually have a good half hour between Kyokushin and the gym, which is enough time to recover somewhat, bu just enough that i don't need to warmup. Need to make a serious effort to get in a lunch session tomorrow so i can stay up with my 5/3/1. Who knows, i may even go to capoeira tomorrow night (MAY).