Thursday, April 1, 2010

Late morning swole

AM Workout
  • BB Row Superset: 155 5x5
    • Overhand
    • Underhand
  • Seated Pulldown Superset: 135x5/135x5/135x5/120x5/120x5
    • Seated Medium Grip
    • "Technically Correct"
  • DB Flye Superset: 5x8
    • Neutral Incline: DB30
    • Standing Reverse: DB25're only tired until you think you aren't.

Lunch Workout (5/3/1)
  • Bench Press: 185x5/195x3/215x7
  • Cable Tricep Extension: 110x10/110x10/110x10/100x10/100x10
  • Chain Pushup: 20 5x20
Hmm...wonder if i should feel bad about the fact that i'll end up doing 3 different bench variations today. Nah, it's bench day! Dare i say it, 5/3/1 is actually turning me back onto the bench a bit. Dammit.

PM Workout
  • BJJ - I got armbarred tonight! It hurts as much as people say it does! and that's with a tap!
  • Incline Press: 155x10/155x10/155x10/135x10/135x10
  • DB Row: 75 5x5
  • DB Neutral Bench: 75x8/75x7/75x6/75x4
Yeah you know what? 5x5 on DB Neutral next time, that was weird. They say it takes 6 months to get to where you start to feel comfortable with a martial art. If that's the case, I'm REALLY looking forward to August. Great, just in time for my brazil trip. Ah well it's only for a week, maybe i can find a BJJ Academy to spend some time at. In Brazil? Nahhhhh...