Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Mats in the gym were being cleaned today so we were outside in the parking lot for boot camp. All exercises performed with 2 kettlebells unless noted:

2 rounds - dumpster runs
1 round - squat and press
1 round - press
1 round - dumpster run (kettlebells optional, I took them)
1 round - step forward lunges
1 round - bicep curls for speed/pump
1 round - squat down, straight punches (no weights)

1 round - squat with modified fly
1 round - squat press walk, jog back
1 round - sprint, donkey kicks (x5), sprint back to start (no weights)
1 round - jumping jacks (no weights)
1 round - split jacks (no weights)
1 round - sprint to Mike Bazzel's jeep and wave to him, sprint back (no weights)

1 round - pole sprints (between 2 poles, walk back quickly) (no weights)
1 round - pole suicides for speed (15s, 14s, 13s target time, but missed it which caused punishment round) (no weights)
1 round punishment - dumpster run (back to kettlebells)