Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Clean it up, son!

Today was DE lower day. I had quite the busy day today at work and was really wiped on the way home, but determined to get my training in. I got home and had the added motivation of some amazing food being made by my wife, that was going to be waiting for me after training. So yeah, I got to work.

A1. Mobility

Leg swings
Squat Pulls
Glute-Ham Bridges
Foam Roller for my back

B1. Snatch-grip Cleans

8 x 65#
5 x 95#
4 x 3 x 155#

It's been a while since I did cleans, so it took me a while to get the mechanics down again. Once I did, though, these felt great.

C1. SSB 13" Box Squats

6 x 4 x 265#

I forgot how hard safety squat bar box squats are. Say that 3 times fast. I think I screamed "spread the floor" to myself on half the reps. This was hard, and I am feeling it right now.

D1. 2" Grip 1-Arm Rows

4 x 6 x 70#

I noticed while deadlifting this weekend that my right hand grip was failing more than my left, which is weird. It happened again tonight with these, so I guess I need to start my unilateral grip work with the right side for a while...

D2. OH Shrugs

3 x 8 x 135#

Overall a great session, made better by the food that jess made afterwards- Carne Asada, Roasted Corn Guac, Onions all for some tasty tortilla action, followed up by some Mexican chocolate cake. Just goes to show, hectic days can be made better by some good training and eats!