Saturday, April 9, 2011

What was that cracking noise?

Oh, it's just me getting old.

Today was ME Bench day. 

A1. Hip and Shoulder Prehab/Mobility

Squat Pulls
Leg Swings
Glute-Ham Bridges
Lateral Raises
Int/Ext Rotations

B1. Bench Press

8 x 95#
5 x 135#
3 x 185#
1 x 225#
1 x 250# Vino helped spot on this one
0.5 x 275#

That "0.5" on the 275# is because Jess nudged it a bit to get past my sticking point. It really should be a 0. I'm glad I started video capturing these lifts, as I can see what went wrong and will correct it next time.

C1. OH Push press

8 x 45#
5 x 95#
3 x 135#
1 x 185#
1 x 205#
1 x 225#

My upper back and chest cracked profusely on the 225#. I feel like I shrank an inch. Heat and ice are helping, though.

D1. 1-Armed Rows

4 x 6 x 100#

E1. Forearm Roller

3 x 15# up and down

I was going to get a finisher in, but our property manager was coming by at 4 with the owner of the house we are renting, and I ran out of time. Overall a decent session, though I do wish I had hit the 275#. I did get to watch Jess pull 345# with no problem (I have video to prove it, but you'll have to convince her to see it). That woman is gonna break 400 by year's end. And damn does she look hot when she deadlifts :)

No training for a few days- will be in Montreal till Tuesday night. Wednesday will be ME Squat day.