Saturday, December 3, 2011

avisa la

        There's probably something to be said for not being weighed down by food, or maybe it's because i've been sleeping when I feel like sleeping but this is the first class where i felt like I'm finally catching back up to capoeira.  Didn't play...great...but i'm moving better.  Sucks too, i'm just getting back into a new capoeira family and now i have to leave it behind.  Gah...not the life I really want to be living.  Makes me a sad bear.

        I've done many martial arts, and i will say honestly that Capoeira is the most unique style i've ever studied, and will probably remain so.  There are so many elements of it outside of the actual training that I've just never found in any other martial.  A punch is just a punch, and a kick is just a kick, but Capoeira has a unique way of getting you in and out of those things.  I've always said Capoeira is like jazz, in that Capoeira is the movement between your attacks.  To me, that's your Capoeira.  Don't get me wrong, i'm really looking forward to getting up to the bay and hittin some Kajukenbo hard, but the roda and the bateria will always be home.

        I had thought that i was going to hit up the gym today after class to make up some bodyweight sets since it's across the street and a block or two down from the academy, but yeah, that didn't happen.  Let's be honest, martial arts are pretty much Phd level classes in bodyweight mastery, so I think i'm covered.  I may toss a few sets onto the end tomorrow or maybe do a light two-a-day.  I still feel like my recovery is keeping me somewhat ahead of my overall deficit effect, so there's still some tweaking to be done.

Today's TrainingTune: Chega Pra Ca - Mestre Suassuna