Friday, December 2, 2011

i am atomic

        Two things happened today: I got no sleep last night, which i take as indicator that the lowered calories are finally starting to take effect, and I hit a pretty solid wall, not quite failure, but close enough.  Means it's time to switch over and go full bore RFL.  I've been tapering this week, started at ~200g protein and ~200g carbs, mainly from protein shakes, chicken, and rice, by wednesday, I had dropped to ~200g protein and ~100g carbs, so today I can finally flip over to just ~200g protein.  That's actually under the RFL protocol methinks, but until I have serious crash, I'm going to stick with that.  Going to eat the last of my chicken today, sorta easing into all protein, then by saturday I'll be back on just liquid protein.  Awesome.

        I think i'm going to not start working again till at least January 2, which gives me a full four week jump.  The move should probably go pretty quick and knowing the area means I'll be able to jump right back into training methinks, so cool.  I've mentioned start dates of the 9th, which would actually give me a full 6 weeks of cut, which i think is ideal.  Well, i'll know next week, so cool shtuff.  Then i'll be happy, like this guy:

        This is an interesting cycle because I'm really having to just go on how my body feels but still stay within acceptable numbers.  I don't think i'm going to take a rest day until i crash out, which is an interesting thought, because now I can pretty much just recover whenever i want, so it may be a while until that actually happens...
  • Overhead Press: 5x5 115
  • Clean: 4x6 155
  • A1. DB Neutral Decline: 4x8 65
  • A2. Seated Row: 4x8 145
  • B1. EZ Curl: 4x8 60
  • B2. RopeX: 4x8 70
  • DB Bench: 3x12 55
  • Lat Pull: 3x12 100
        I would say more, but chicken.

Today's TrainingTune: The Kosmokrator - PreEmptive Strike 0.1