Thursday, December 1, 2011

fractured thoughts unwon

        Ugh, i'm skipping sets for the stupid reason that I'm not looking at my log properly and transferring my sessions to my notebook properly.  I'm tempted to run down to the park today and get in a set of dips just to make up.  I might do that on my walk tonight, I doubt the effect would be negligible other than to put me at some sort of mental rest.  Eh, why not?  I'll do it for the children.

        I added in a few extra sets today just as an experiment, and it felt pretty decent.  I think the first two sessions this week were a bit low on volume overall, so i'm adding one more set of 8s to everything and tacking on two more accessory sets.  Also trying to stay really tight on the rest length, even for supersets.  I'll still take 60 seconds on all the power sets, but I feel like i can hit 45s for now on the supersets.  I'm going to creep numbers up a bit and see what the upper bound is, but yeah.  I need to hit this really fuckin hard, like it needs to hurt.
  • Deadlift: 325x1/305x3/255x5/205x8/135x12 Stripset(no rest)
  • Push Press: 4x6 145
  • A1. DB Shoulder Press: 4x8 37.5
  • A2. 2Pt DB Row: 4x8 70
  • B1. Front Raise: 4x8 20
  • B2. Face Pull: 4x8 90
  • C1. Strict Cable Curl: 3x12 80
  • C2. Strict Rope Extension 3x12 80
        I wonder if it would be completely detrimental to take 90 seconds and then hit some kettlebell swings or a complex.  Worth experimenting with tomorrow, me thinks.

Today's TrainingTune: Blood Divine - The Synthetic Dream Foundation