Wednesday, November 30, 2011

see your shame destroyed

        A bit of an impromptu session this morning, really i had just intended to do some foam rolling, but it was feeling decent so i decided to make up some bodyweight stuff from last night and do some upper body work just for fun.  I think looking at my schedule I was supposed to take today off, but I feel like at least for the first 10 days I can push pretty hard to get myself empty.  Sorta leaves me wondering how the scheduling for this is going to go, i've got two weeks in seattle at the end of December, and more than likely a move.  Thankfully, if it's where I think it is, getting back into a routine will be SUPER easy:)  Bear-style, yo.

  • A1. Pullup: 4x5
  • A2. E^2 Pushup: 4x15
  • Flat DB Press: 3x8 65
  • B*. Strict EZ Curl: 3x8 55
  • B*. Strict Pushdown: 3x8 70
  • B*. Seated Row: 3x8 130
        I'm really digging the strict form upperbody work, I'm feeling muscles i haven't worked in years, you know, like my biceps and deltoids.  I feel like this is going to be a good springboard into mid-January when I flip back into strength and size, really excited about Juggernaut.  Sorta tempted to check out Juggernaut JiuJitsu too since I'm going to be training full-contact again, but we'll see.  Don't want to get ahead of myself.  Hopefully the gyms i think i'm going to be training at haven't changed too much.  Life is picking up, this isn't a sour grapes thing here, but I gotta say, getting laid off from Riot is probably one of the best things to happen to me recently. Onward!

Today's TrainingTune: Accelerant - Die Sektor