Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting the office involved!

Hey everyone, first post here on Hard Coded, so a quick introduction.  Names Derek Osborne but everyone just tends to call me Oz.  I'm a character animator for Pipeworks Software in Eugene, OR and a former personal trainer and gym manager.

So I'm always trying to find ways to get people involved in keeping healthy.  Well our technical artist Adam Kelsey is also another guy who loved to get people involved in different ways of physical exertion and came up with the brilliant idea of '2 minutes on the hour'. He was inspired by one of the blogs he reads to plank every hour on the hour for 2 minutes.  He sent out an email and gathered a couple of us who work out regularly.  Well by the end of the day the two of us had amassed close to 10 people to participate.

Somehow it turned into a plan to do regular iso exercises that fit two criteria:

One - they won't cause a lot of sweat.
Two - it hurts like hell.

So today's 2 minutes on the hour was good old fashioned Wall Squats - this last hour we lost a couple to the homeward bound 5 o'clock hour, but here's a quick shot.

That's me behind the fire hydrant...this round I dropped the shoes, as I'm wearing flat slip ons that don't tie, which ultimately ended up being a whole new level of tough...sock slide on carpet unless you really dig in your heals.  :D

So we'll keep doing this and I'll drop some updates, can you get your office to join you in a 2 minutes on the hour challenge???

Til next time, Lead an Animated Life!!!